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How this turned out to be a big blessing

Back in December something happened that really scared me! Something that I thought was the WORST thing ever! Someone had banged my brother’s car (while I was using his car). Filled with fear, sadness and stress I didn’t know WHY this happened – everything had been going so great! Have you ever had something «bad» […]

The 3 THINGS you should know about making more MONEY and creating NEW CLIENTS

When it comes to building a business, more clients will equate to making more money. I will be sharing with you three things you should know about creating new clients. Below are the three pointers: 1st: Let go and let God. In my business process, I realized new clients come to me when I least […]

3 Secrets that you need to know to stay MOTIVATED

While it is challenging to build a business, many clients asked how I stay motivated especially when times I felt stuck or got no idea what to do. I have noticed that when things aren’t going well, I tend to get blocked and stop being consistent in my business. At such times, I wasn’t motivated […]

3 SECRETS to boost your CONFIDENCE in your BUSINESS

Confidence is very important in your business. This will be especially helpful if you are starting your business whether you are in your first or second year. You have to make sure you feel confident in your business. The reason being if your confidence is low, it will spiral to other things. I’ve noticed it […]

The Key To Be Motivated When Building your Business and Making Money

When I was starting my business, staying motivated was the toughest thing to do. Why? Because one have no idea whether it’s going to work or not. One have no idea whether it’s going to be a success or not. You are just putting in these hours that you can’t even see much progress on […]

How to accelerate the process and make money faster

Do you want to accelerate the process and make money faster? I was the kind of person who wanted to go fast in everything I do. When I first started my business, I was willing to do whatever it takes to accelerate my business. This is especially true when it comes to money when building […]

How to manage other people’s negative money stories

Today’s topic will be an interesting subject and highly relevant to many of us. That is how to deal with other people with their negative money stories. Having said that, it simply means people who just doesn’t have the positive money mindset and will sell you their negative money stories. I will be sharing 3 […]

The Key To Making More Money Without Overwhelming

I always used to have this connection that the more money I make, the more stress I need to handle and the more overwhelm I need to feel. When I was working on my money flow series project, I’ve learnt that the number 1 reason for stress is money. Can you imagine all the stress […]

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