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Let’s talk about “Talking about Money”

I know that this one might sound super weird but it actually the first block many of us have. And that is Unawareness and not wanting to talk about money. We don’t even know that money is blocking us. And this is really the place we start. The number one block we got to overcome. […]

The Power of Awareness

Throughout my journey as a coach I have encountered many women all over the world who are stressed and pressured with money. Business owners, executives, employees, entrepreneurs. They all suffer at some extent when it comes to money, whether they have plenty or not. The root of this particular suffering lies in one common attitude […]

Hiking Your Way Through Life: 4 Key Lessons

I went on a hike with some few close friends a while ago and I have to admit I didn’t know if I wanted to do it. The idea of getting dirty, tired, and sweating didn’t really appeal to me. I wasn’t sure, but I took on the challenge and went with it. Who knew […]

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