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3 SECRETS to boost your CONFIDENCE in your BUSINESS

Confidence is very important in your business. This will be especially helpful if you are starting your business whether you are in your first or second year. You have to make sure you feel confident in your business. The reason being if your confidence is low, it will spiral to other things. I’ve noticed it […]

3 Reason to have boundaries in your coaching business

Boundaries, they are so crucial and import. The reason is because many times in business we forget to put boundaries. THIS LACK OF BOUNDARY is what makes us downward spiral. Boundaries are the firmness that you have and it’s the ‘non-negotiable’. I’ve seen so many women in the beginning of their coaching business without any […]

How you can make your intention a reality NOW

Happy First of July! 😀 A new day and a new Month. Powerful right? Days like this are best to start and set intentions. I am all about setting intentions. When we align our thoughts and get clear of what we desire to get out of our days and months it can be very magical. […]

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