How this turned out to be a big blessing

Back in December something happened that really scared me! Something that I thought was the WORST thing ever! Someone had banged my brother’s car (while I was using his car).

Filled with fear, sadness and stress I didn’t know WHY this happened – everything had been going so great!

Have you ever had something “bad” and/or “negative” happen to you and not know why?

Well – sometimes these “bad” and/or “negative” things aren’t a bad thing rather it could be a big blessing.

Here is what happened – the person who banged the car became a client of my fiance!

His insurance is paying for the car to get fixed and one thing led to another I got a Brand New CAR.

I’ve been wanting a car now since a few months – but I felt really resistant and in all honestly things weren’t lining up for so I literally surrendered.

But from my brother’s car getting bang this blessing manifested!

So whatever happens to you (Bad or good), when you are focused on thinking and feeling good it always WORKS out for your benefit! Sometimes you just got to flow with it 😉

Alignment truly starts when we start declaring it and taking small actions 😉

Lot’s of love,
Sherina Mayani

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