Are you ready for MORE Clients?

So how is your client flow…do you have a steady flow of clients?

Or are you in a space of feast or famine and the inconsistency of client flow and income is painful and scary?

It’s NO fun if you are riding THAT roller coaster!

Imagine if you will, having contracts consistently coming in, having faith that your clients are showing up on a consistent basis.

How does that feel?

It’s totally possible, you can be at ease, filled with faith and knowing that your clients are on their way.

There’s THREE Things you have to do to create that consistent client flow

If you want to feel ease and flow with money and clients, you have to do these things!

  1. First, you MUST be connected with your WHY! What is the reason you are enrolling people in your program and/or business? If you don’t have a powerful enough WHY, the rest won’t work…so no, usually stating, “I just want X number of dollars” isn’t inspiring or profitable
  2. You get to learn the business strategies that will bring clients to you. Clear, real action steps…like showing up on Facebook and Instagram Lives, Sending transparent vulnerable emails or something like that. If you don’t know how to do that, check out to see if you have someone around you who seems to be getting clients easily…ask them questions. You will find out that they are in total alignment in their language, the energy, and the way they show up in the world…they attract people to them easily!
  3. You’ve got to REALLY manage your mindset is aligned to receiving more clients if you have the belief that it’s hard, you can’t find clients, guess what….that’s exactly what will happen, you’ve GOT to shift your mindset.

Imagine the shift that can happen when you declare “SALES ARE EASY, Enrollment is FUN!” You will have so much fun and you will attract amazing clients!.

So when I hear from business owners that that can’t get real clients…

Which is it…do they not have a deep enough WHY, do they have a negative mindset that is actually repelling potential clients? OR do they not have the correct strategy!

You get to figure out what’s missing and you get to make a powerful choice! You can decide something is easy or hard, so why would you decide it’s hard? That would just be keeping you stuck!

Most of the time it’s about mindset/energy…so what can you do today to get into the energy of abundance and ease…go for a walk, have a dance party, hug your kid, your dog, your hubby (I am still so in awe I get to call Jorge my husband!!!)

Once you get your energy clear, if you need a strategy, reach out to someone you know who can support you with that...being in a space of asking for support is not a sign of weakness…it’s actually brilliant and means you are strong.

THEN when you are in the energy of joy, ease, abundance, and fun…THEN reach out to your email list, your friends/coworkers, the barista at the Starbucks and start actually TALKING ABOUT WHAT YOU DO (So many people are so afraid to tell people they are coaches/Consultants…so weird…it’s legit money, so no need to be embarrassed…we are changing lives here!. Using that powerful energy of abundance…let people know what the possibilities are and you will find yourself with more clients than you know what to do with!

Remember to serve them and find them out of generosity and genuinely wanting to make a difference for them and you will have people tripping over themselves to show up in your world!!!!

Create opportunities where there were none?? The yelling is the best part of “air pollution…”

Remember YOU are holding YOU back! So what happens if you UNLEASH today/tomorrow?? What can you create for your team???

Let’s start the ripple…just by BEing!!!!

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