My Professional Bio

Sherina Mayani is a Business Master Coach who helps women around the world clear their blocks, upgrade their mindset, attract ideal clients, and earn consistent money so they can grow a business that sets them free.

Sherina is a Divine Living Certified Master Coach and an Energy Editing® Professional who helps clear energetic money blocks from your energy system.


My Coaching Journey

I remember starting out in a job I didn’t love working for less than $2K a month, (This was less than four years ago) Feeling literally stuck and unclear of what my desires were. There was a time in which I made the decision, the decision to follow my desires and do life my own way.

That was when I decided to Build My Coaching Business. Since then, my Coaching Business has supported me with ALL of my desires.

I have been able to travel to places like Sydney, Paris, London, Bali, Miami, Madrid, Los Angeles, Florence and more! Not only that, I am able to support and help other women who desire to do the same.

Little did I know I was going to have a Six Figure Coaching Business and thousands in sales from months in launching it. It is possible and if it is in your heart’s desire it is for you too!.

Today, I’ve been in business for more than 4 years and able to live my life in TRUE freedom and money flow, not only that I but I get to do what I LOVE every single day of my life.


Fun Facts About Me

  1. My favorite thing to do is spend time with my puppy Coco.

  2. I speak 4 and a half languages! (Sindhi, Hindu, English, Spanish and a little of French).
  3. I was rejected from school because I didn’t speak English or Spanish till the age of 3.
  4. I am Panamanian and Indian, born in Panama but my parents were born in India.
  5. Even though I am super ‘Zen’, my favorite music is reggaeton.
  6. My first entrepreneur gig was fashion designing, I put on fashion shows all over and my first one was from recycled clothe!.
  7. My second name is my dad’s name, I don’t really have a second name.
  8. Even though I am a little of a workaholic, my next best thing to do is to sleep – I can have 10 hours sleep easily and I do on at least every week.
  9. Before being a coach I was in network marketing and grew a 100 people downline.
  10. When I eat ice cream I eat only chocolate flavor, no other flavor (Chocolate is the BEST).
  11. Even though I maintain a very healthy diet, my favorite food is FRIED plantain (They are so good! If you haven’t tried it, you should).