How to create ideal clients with ease

For me when I first started my business, I wanted to build a business with clients with ease. I do not like to be in a frantic energy or feel stressed out. In this post, I will be sharing my top three tips in creating ideal clients with ease.

First Tip: Be at ease yourself.

The first thing to do and have in place when you want to have ideal clients with ease is to be at ease with yourself. Don’t be in a frantic or anxious energy. Initially when I was building my business, I was showing up with this frantic energy, all the anxiousness and guess what, I was attracting people in that energy too. It is the energy we reflect and thus attracts the like kind of energy. Therefore, if you want to create ideal clients with ease, make sure you are not in that frantic energy. Be sure that you are at ease and ensure you are taken care of. Make sure you are getting the rest you need and the self care required. Because in order to attract your ideal client, we need to be a match to them. We need to be a match to our desires.  This is super crucial and important.

Second Tip: Be the ideal client yourself.

Life is a beautiful mirror. If you see a pattern surfacing many times, reflect and see where in your life are you similar which you can improve on. Set the intention to get better and better. Hence, it is important to be the ideal client yourself. Often, we want to have ideal clients but we don’t show up as an ideal client ourselves. You want an ideal client who is responsible, who is showing up, doing the work, make sure you are doing that. If you are not, don’t beat yourself up. That’s fine, all of us fall and none of us are perfect, but take responsibility to fix that. Do what you need to do. Shift whatever you need to shift to be a match and be an ideal client yourself. Be the woman whom you want to attract. Be the person whom you want to call into your life. Be a match for that.

Third Tip: Know who your ideal client is.

The third tip is you have to define who your ideal client is. I will always ask my clients to define to me who is their ideal clients; who is she, how is she, how does she show up. Define your ideal clients as much as you can. Something I have realized with this is that you are always defining your ideal clients.   This is the 3rd year of my business and I’ve noticed that I am always defining my ideal client every single day. I need to be really clear who my ideal clients are, so that I can show up to them. The deeper I understand who they are, I know what kind of energy to emit, I know what to focus on and I know what to do. Therefore, I can help to create an impact in their lives and know how to support and help them. By understanding our ideal clients so well that we know what keeps them up at night and know what’s bothering them, therefore we are able to support them and be of service to them.

With these three tips, I hope you now have a better understanding on how to create ideal clients with ease. You can post your comments in my Facebook group: Live Your Passions and Follow Your Butterflies and let me know your progress.

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