Do you want to make money?

Today I want to share something that will totally shift your mindset around money! It’s one simple question! Can you believe it?

Very often we have all this programming in our brains that say making money is hard, and what it means to make it or not make it! We have SO many stories and programming around money…they don’t help us.

What I’m going to share today is totally going to shift how you think about money, what your mindset is around money and it’s going to make a big difference in your business. I know that if you are following me you are an entrepreneur or you want to be an entrepreneur, so this is for YOU!

Shifting your thoughts will help you focus and when you focus, so many good things happen. When you focus, you gain clarity and see what is next for you. I hear from so many women entrepreneurs is, “Sherina, I’m not clear, I can’t figure out what to do next. How do I know I’m clear?” So much confusion.

Ready for the question that will help you make money?

What is the problem that my service, product, or program solves? For example, I solve the problem of how to build a business and make money…since it takes money to live in this world, it’s a great problem to solve. Many women out there want to start businesses but don’t know how and/or they have lots of blocks they don’t know how to clear and I help them do that so they can make money doing what they love!

What’s the problem that YOU solve?? Ask yourself this question, journal about it and really get into what it is that you solve! Because once you gain clarity around the problem you solve…everything gets easier! Your marketing is easier, your enrollment conversations are easier, and your clients find you because they know you solve the biggest problem they have!

It doesn’t have to be complicated…it can be super fun and easy

One other suggestion is to ask the people in your life…what is it I am really good at? You know if people in your life are coming to you to help solve a problem and what you help them create!

Once you know the problem you solve…THEN everything comes together, you create a movement, impact people and make money!!!

So don’t be afraid to dig in and figure it out!

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