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Are you ready for MORE Clients?

So how is your client flow…do you have a steady flow of clients? Or are you in a space of feast or famine and the inconsistency of client flow and income is painful and scary? It’s NO fun if you are riding THAT roller coaster! Imagine if you will, having contracts consistently coming in, having […]

What I learned from helping a FRIEND win!

I had an opportunity to help a friend last year. There was an amazing contest going on, one created by my coach and anyone who participated could win things like cash or a trip and other really cool stuff. When I saw the announcement, I was like, “Oh My God, I want to play…but will […]

What’s your relationship with money right now?

I was recently invited to be a guest on a radio show and the subject of the show was your relationship with money. The host asked me, “Sherina, what’s the secret? How do we get into a good relationship with money? How do we improve our relationship with money? How do we make amends with […]

How to TRUST (even when things are challenging!)

What happens when you in a challenging situation and you don’t see the way on how things are going to work out? It used to really stress me out, I would get worried wondering, how is this going to be resolved, when will it be resolved, is it going to be resolved? Does that sound […]

Why Do We Self-Sabotage?

Let’s talk about sabotage…what an interesting word, right?? What is sabotage, why do we do it, and how can we stop sabotaging ourselves? I was talking to a friend the other day and she was telling me how amazing everything is going in her life, in her marriage, and then she found herself sabotaging. It […]

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