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Generosity or People Pleaser

The last few days, I’ve been thinking a lot about generosity and what it means and what’s the difference between generosity and people pleasing. For me, in my own personal journey as an entrepreneur, mentor, and human being, I had this thing of being a people pleaser and it’s not so easy to share with […]

¿Qué hacer cuando quieres renunciar a tu negocio o a tus sueños?

¿Te ha pasado que has tenido momentos en los que te sientes frustrada, que sientes que te quieres rendir porque las cosas están duras, sientes que no estás consiguiendo clientes, que no estás teniendo los resultados que deseas o que no estás haciendo el dinero que quieres? Muy bien, lo primero que debes saber, es […]

Let’s talk about “I am Surviving”

This is an interesting block that I have noticed. This block gets activated when we are in a Survival Mode. We believe that we are just scrapping by and surviving. What happens with this block is that it manifests survival situations, which translates to our money. We survive with money and what happens is that […]

Let’s talk about “Talking about Money”

I know that this one might sound super weird but it actually the first block many of us have. And that is Unawareness and not wanting to talk about money. We don’t even know that money is blocking us. And this is really the place we start. The number one block we got to overcome. […]

The Power of “Giving Back” (Video Inside)

Last February my friend Shereen Sun, who besides being a Business Coach is also an artist, told me about this trip she was planning to do to Costa Rica to paint some mural in a low-income community. As soon as I heard her plans a voice inside of me went “This is awesome! I want […]