How to manage other people’s negative money stories

Today’s topic will be an interesting subject and highly relevant to many of us. That is how to deal with other people with their negative money stories. Having said that, it simply means people who just doesn’t have the positive money mindset and will sell you their negative money stories.

I will be sharing 3 steps and here they go:

Step 1: When people share their negative money stories, know that it is not true
When you have a money conversation with your spouse, family members, friends or prospects, know that their negative money story is not true. The story and their money beliefs are what they have been programmed to when they were growing up. Don’t make them wrong for that. Simply acknowledge that this is just not true. Let them know that they are heard, but you know it is not true and you don’t have to make them wrong.

Step 2: Control the negative money stories you expose yourself to

If you are getting too much negative money stories, you need to control that. Try not to let people talk too much into their money stories. If they are getting too much into the negativity, just say: “Hey, I need to go.” I’ve learnt this from Michael Beckwith when he was in LA. He was talking about when you are around with people who are negative, just keep saying oh, oh, oh I’ve got to go.

We feel that sometimes, especially if they are our family members or close friends, we need to listen to them. However, the truth is “No”. You have a choice and you don’t have to listen to their negative money stories. When we start to realize we can control who we listen to, what we read and all of that, we start discarding things that are not in value to help lift us up. Why do you listen to your mum or your dad talking about how bad money situations is? I know I had that pattern too. Whenever I catch myself doing that, I just change the subject or tell them: “Oh, I really need to go. I am so sorry. I love to chat with you, but I really need to go.” By doing this, you don’t need to feel guilty about it. It is part of taking control of your life. I use to feel really guilty about doing that, but not anymore. The learning point here is if it doesn’t serve you, just change the subject.

If this happens to my clients and I’m helping them, I’ll say: “Look, I hear a lot about money stories. You and I know that this version is not true. There is more than enough money. Do you recognize the patterns and programming?” It is helping them to realize and helping them to shift the perception.

Step 3: Life is a mirror

 If you realize you are attracting too many negative story tellers, take a look at yourself. Life is a mirror, people are mirrors. I have people in my life who aren’t in the same mindset as me. They have their different set of mindset; they have their journey and I respect it. So what I want to say here is first, you need to respect them. The other thing is if you get a lot of the negative stories, they are mirrors to your inner reflection. They have their journey, I don’t fight it, it’s their journey. But for these people who are not in alignment with me in terms of money mindset but in alignment with me in other areas such as health; etc, I’ve noticed that when I start working on my money stuff, my money mindset, I didn’t get that person to talk to me too much on money stuff. Whenever the person is in that negative money mindset, I wasn’t around to entertain that. So if you are getting a lot of that, you need to work on that. You get a lot of those stories, a lot of people talking negatively about money, focus on clearing and cleaning it. It’s an indicator you got to work on that and clean it up. Do I believe their story subconsciously? Journal on it and see what needs to be worked on.

No one is better or worst. Everyone is on their own journey and honor where they are at. The key of this is to be in balance with it. The idea is it should not trigger you. If the negativity triggers you, you need to work on it. It’s so important to clean it up and start attracting to different reality and see the shifts happening.

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