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Let’s talk about «Never Enough»

This block is really close to home for me. It was a block that I struggled and worked for months and years. I always had this feeling in me that the money I had was never enough. I remember few months earlier that I was so angry and sad because I had not reached my […]

Let’s talk about «Pricing your services»

If you are a service provider or coach I know sometimes the biggest thing really stopping us from really beginning is putting a price tag to our service. This block can trigger so many emotions. Many of us don’t feel worthy, which is really the main cause behind this block. If you are feeling unworthy […]

Let’s talk about «Money Blocks»

Many times our money blocks are related with our emotions. As an example, I once had a client who did EVERYTHING right in her coaching business. She had nailed her target market, created her package, did the marketing, and did Discovery calls. She did everything! And even as she did everything and was making sales, […]

How To Create a Sales Strategy That creates Money Flow

Often, I am asked How do I create a strategy that sales? If you want to be in flow with money, if you want to be in cash flow in your business you have to focus your actions and energy on two things: marketing and sales. How do I create a strategy for sales that […]

How I Ran Away and Build This Online Business

I want to share with you my story, how I build this. Sometimes we are wonder of how you achieve things in live and one of the questions I am getting a lot is how did you start? How did you build this business? Every business has a story, mine started in 2014, around February […]

My First Half Marathon… after a lot of resistance

You won’t believe what I did recently, but I completed and raced my first half marathon. Last year in June, I decided and committed to do a ½ marathon. (When I decided this I had NO IDEA what I was committing too – I had never run neither was I into exercise). My first attempt […]

To Start Your Business, You Need To Clear Your Blocks

I want to share with you how I cleared my blocks to money flow when I start my business. Many will asked me what was my money story when I start my business and honestly speaking it wasn’t the best, and if not that I came from a bad family or anything like that, is […]

Don’t Let Resistance Stop You

Today I woke up feeling exciting, knowing that something amazing is going to happen within an intensive day for me. When you start your days like this, you feel with happiness and energy to create whatever you want. But I have notice that many of us, even when we are living our dreams or are […]

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