The 3 THINGS you should know about making more MONEY and creating NEW CLIENTS

When it comes to building a business, more clients will equate to making more money. I will be sharing with you three things you should know about creating new clients. Below are the three pointers:

1st: Let go and let God.

In my business process, I realized new clients come to me when I least expect it. Whenever I take the attachment energy out, clients flow in. Without the resistance, clients will flow in really quickly. Stop putting pressure on it. I repeat: Stop putting pressure on it. The more pressure I put on myself or to people to join my program or whatever it is, the more pressure I put onto it, the more I block myself out of it. Release the pressure and resistance. Without that resistance, it flows to you quicker.

2nd: Personal development.

Having more money and more clients means higher need for growth and personal development. You need to handle your own personal development journey. This is very important. Having the leadership qualities, vision, motivation and holding space for that. It will come forth when you show the Universe you can deliver. If you want more money, sometimes handling more money can be stressful for some people . You have to master the money you have right now. The credit card debts or whatever you have on hand, you need to make sure you are mastering how to manage it. You need to show the Universe and it will deliver more and come forth. When we want more and when we don’t appreciate or acknowledge the wealth, it becomes a blockage to receiving. Clearing those dramas and the negative thoughts which holds you back will help to clear the blockage.

3rd: Be prepared for it.

Prepare for it. Create a structure for it. Eg: In my money flow group program, I need to be very clear the flow of it, each month and why. I need to bring in new team members to prepare for it. When we want something but not taking the action to prepare for it, then how can the Universe deliver? You need to have time and schedule to work with your clients. If you want more money, how do you feel handling more money? Sometimes handling big sum of money can be a big stress to some people. For me, I noticed I feel more stress as more taxes and more things to manage, more things to pay. I didn’t know that was a block for me but it can be. Building the structure and space for more money and clients.

When I first launched my money flow mastery program, I cleared my calendars. I wrote down when I will be speaking to people, which day and what time that I will be with the group, the calls and all of it. I make it a priority to clear my schedule and make space for this program to make things happen.

I hope with these three pointers, it will help you in attracting more clients and money into your business. In short, take actions based on faith and you will see the results.

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