How to accelerate the process and make money faster

Do you want to accelerate the process and make money faster? I was the kind of person who wanted to go fast in everything I do. When I first started my business, I was willing to do whatever it takes to accelerate my business. This is especially true when it comes to money when building the business.

The truth is for the financial or money to flow in, it does take time. Time is part of the element. You got to do the work, reset your mindset, clear your blocks, take actions in your business, be consistent in the actions you take in your business, focus on the money making activities. All these things are key to building the flow of your business.  However, a key ingredient I’ve noticed is time. Would you go to a personal trainer and say you want to gain 10 pounds more muscle by tomorrow? Anybody who understand fitness will know that it takes time. There are certain things you follow, but it takes time to build your muscle, to get fit, to gain weight, lose weight or whatever your goal is; it takes time. This is the same concept in business. If you are looking to get clients and build your money flow, it does take time. This does not mean it will not work, you just got to give it time. If you want people come to you, say you want to make $10,000, you got to do the work and give it time to realize it.

So if you want to accelerate your business, my advice and suggestion is to slow down, relax and acknowledge that it takes time. We can do whatever it takes, miracles can happen, but it does take time to happen. For example, my money flow mastery group coaching program is a year long program and it is a year long for a reason. We are mastering the money flow. We are clearing the blocks. We are literally re-programming our money mindset. Truth is, building a business takes time. I understand this after seeing the old me that I wanted things to happen in a snap, but it doesn’t happen that way. It takes time and it takes consistency. You got to keep doing it and give it time to grow. Like I was training for a run and I’ve learnt that I need to give myself time to pace it up. This is similar to building a business. We need to give it the time to grow.

I also realized that part of us that blocks us from being in flow is being  impatient. That is a rush mentality like we need to do everything now if not the world is ending. But guess what, the world is not going to end tomorrow. It’s okay if you take a year more to make $10,000. It’s okay if it takes three years to clear your debt, etc. It’s okay. Why do we put pressure on ourselves, make ourselves fall sick and feel miserable? It is so important to let you know you can shift this.

There is this book that I recommend everyone to read it. The title is: “A happy pocket full of money book” by David Cameron Gikandi. The quote I share with you talks about the rush and unfolding: “Have patience with the unfolding of things. If you rush, or force them, you interfere and slow them down. Nature is perfect. If you wish for faster result, the right way to shorten time is raising your certainty, increasing your clarity and imagination being of one mind, concentrating and most importantly, raise your awareness from the level of your consciousness  only to your conscious to your subconscious and super conscious mind and self.” I think this quote is so beautiful because it talks about don’t rush or force things. By not interfering, let it be and have patience. In the event if you want things to go faster, raise your certainty, focus on working on your faith, be focus, be decisive instead of always changing your mind. Open your awareness. Another thing is time is an illusion. How fast or slow we do things is such an illusion. For me, putting timeline can make me spin and put pressure on me. Therefore, I have learnt the best way is to have patience and give it time to grow.

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