3 Secrets that you need to know to stay MOTIVATED

While it is challenging to build a business, many clients asked how I stay motivated especially when times I felt stuck or got no idea what to do. I have noticed that when things aren’t going well, I tend to get blocked and stop being consistent in my business. At such times, I wasn’t motivated to take action even though I know I need to work to get the results. Many times we know what we need to do to get the results, but yet we sabotage ourselves and we don’t do it. Here are three secrets you need to know to help you stay motivated.

No 1:  Know yourself: What motivates you.

First, you got to know yourself and your personality. It is important to know what really motivates you. By knowing what motivates you, you can work towards it easily. For example, not everyone is motivated by money. Like myself, I am motivated by recognition. I know some people may be motivated by responsibility, some are motivated by better standard of living. You have to know yourself, your personality and what truly motivates you. Ask yourself, what really motivates you. Because when you get clear what your specific motivation is and you design your plan accordingly, you design your business to best suit you. It then gives you much more excitement and make things easier for you.

No 2: Remember your why.

While building a business, sometimes we forget why we started it. Why am I doing this? Why should I even do this? In order to help me to remember and stay on track and motivated on why I started in the first place, is having my vision board in front of me. In my office, I have my vision board. Whenever I see my vision board, it reminds me of why am I actually doing this. It is so powerful to have a vision board to remind your why. In addition, I suggest to update your vision board every month.

No 3:  Have accountability.

Get yourself a mastermind partner or someone who can hold you accountable. It is also to keep you in that energy to keep you going.  It is very normal to lose momentum and not stay motivated. What’s important is when you lose the momentum, you can get back on track. To be honest, I do lose motivation at times but because I surround myself with my colleagues, my coaches, my peers, my partner. Everyone gives me no option but to continue and motivates me. Therefore, it is highly important to surround yourself with people who will support and believe in you.

To add on, having a morning routine that motivates you is helpful. Personally, I read at least one sentence a day, reading out loud. I also do affirmations and tapping. A simple tapping script like: Even though I do not feel motivated today, I choose to increase my energy today. I choose to feel motivated today. Reading books that spurs you to get motivated are helpful too. Books like Leveraging the Universe by Mike Dooley and The Go-Getter: A Story That Tells You How To Be One by Peter B. Kyne are a great start.

When we are building our business or any goal, know that it is normal if you lose motivation. Know that it is normal when you feel like quitting. What is important is that you spring back into action. One of the traits of highly successful people is having character. Character is following through a decision and commitment long after the excitement has passed. It is following through your goal even though your motivation is long gone. Therefore, with these three secrets, you now know how to stay motivated.

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