3 SECRETS to boost your CONFIDENCE in your BUSINESS

Confidence is very important in your business. This will be especially helpful if you are starting your business whether you are in your first or second year. You have to make sure you feel confident in your business. The reason being if your confidence is low, it will spiral to other things. I’ve noticed it could lead to we get scared, we get stuck, all these crazy things and we don’t put ourselves out there. The reason being we have not master our energy, we have not yet master our confidence and self esteem which is really crucial in the business. I will be sharing three ways to boost your confidence.

Secret 1: Do the work

The first secret in boosting your confidence in business is to do the work. What I meant by do the work is to get out there and be of service. Put your service out there, start doing. I only started gaining confidence when I started coaching. When I did the work, when I coach, I start to gain more confidence. Sometimes by just doing it, you gain that confidence. Because knowing that you are doing the work, you become better at what you do and that will definitely boost your confidence.

Secret 2: Master your craft

Second secret is you need to master your craft. Example: If you are a coach, make sure you master the art of being a good coach and the coaching skills. This is important because as you become an expert in your field, your confidence will rise.

Secret 3: Focus on your strengths

You know what, no one is perfect. I am not perfect and I am not a  person who know it all. I do not know all the answers to every single thing. I think sometimes when we try to stop being the person who know it all, and be good at what we are good at, that will boost our confidence. We are trying to be our best at everything, which is good. However, sometimes when we are all rounded, we put zero focus on our strengths and we start focusing on our weakness. When we focus on our weakness, we feel bad and that lower our confidence. Therefore, always focus on  your strengths. Focus on what you are good at. If you think that you are not good at anything that is a lie. I am certain you are good at something. Ask a good friend, ask your coach, ask your mentor or your mastermind partner; what are you good at? Focus on your strength. You are going to feel a big difference when you start doing that.

With these three secrets, I hope you will put into action and let me know how these work out for you. You can post your comments in my Facebook group: Live Your Passions and Follow Your Butterflies.

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