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Are you ready for MORE Clients?

So how is your client flow…do you have a steady flow of clients? Or are you in a space of feast or famine and the inconsistency of client flow and income is painful and scary? It’s NO fun if you are riding THAT roller coaster! Imagine if you will, having contracts consistently coming in, having […]

How To Create a Sales Strategy That creates Money Flow

Often, I am asked How do I create a strategy that sales? If you want to be in flow with money, if you want to be in cash flow in your business you have to focus your actions and energy on two things: marketing and sales. How do I create a strategy for sales that […]

The Shift That Will Create More Sales In Your Business

As any business owner, one will always crave for more sales in their business. Sales is a really an exciting topic and sometimes a taboo topic. For me, I used to freak out when I think of the word ‘sales’. I used to be scared of it. I don’t know why but most of us […]

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