Is this holding you back?

Is not asking for help holding you back? When I first started my business, I knew it all. I felt scared asking for help. I felt anxious asking for help. The reason behind this was because when I was growing up, whenever I asked for help, I used to get scolded or asked why are you asking that, you should know that. I share this with you because I felt this childhood experience was ingrained to my business. I feel I could do it all on my own and I didn’t need anybody to help me.

If you feel stuck, feel block, no idea what’s the next step to take, I encourage you to ask for help. When you start asking for help and heal whatever trauma that comes and move forward, you see things differently. You can approach your mentors or coaches or people who can support you to achieve your goals. With this help, you can accomplish so much more in your business.

When I started my business, I was scared to ask for help. Things were going on with me and I don’t know how to solve it. I didn’t know what to do and I was stuck for awhile. I see a lot of people getting stuck for awhile, and why get stuck for the while when you can reach out and ask for help; so you don’t have to stay stuck. It is so easy to spiral downwards if you stay stuck and don’t ask for help. You feel like nobody is caring for you, you are all alone, poor you, negative thought, victim mentality, and you start creating all these excuses. And the reason why you are going through the challenge, and how it will never work out for you. You create this drama in your mind when you stay stuck. If you reach for help, you don’t have to spend time creating the drama. You then take the energy and time to create a goal, ask for help, take the actions and you do what you need to do to shift that.

In my money flow mastery group coaching program, I do special videos where we start helping them to clear the blocks, especially this one on asking for help. I’ve noticed many for those who have done it, they start asking more for help and reaching out and becoming more accountable. The ladies started to share their wins where initially they were scared to share. It’s so beautiful to see how this shift for my clients and reaching out and problem solving instead of staying stuck in poor me, victim mentality mindset. You can choose to stay stuck in the story which doesn’t improve your business or you can choose to move forward.

Ask yourself: “Are you holding yourself back in not asking for help? Are you looking and desiring help and stopping and blocking it and not giving yourself the opportunity to ask for it.” If so, do something about it. You can clear it with tapping or clear the energy by asking for help. Start moving forward. Ask someone whom you can reach out to and ask for help. One of the reason you are holding back could be you are not feeling worthy to ask for help. Example: I’m not worth the time of my coach. The truth is people who are successful who have gone through that are willing and want to help you. Be open to receive the help. If you are a service provider, a coach, wouldn’t you want to help people?

Another reason could be feeling vulnerable. Truth is vulnerability is your strength. Sometimes we think our stuckness is our weakness, but truth is it is going to be your strength. If we push past it, it’s going to help us. It is a learning lesson that we can impart to others.

So now, start making a decision that you are worthy to ask for help. It is so powerful to have a group of supporters that you can go to and ask for help. You are worthy, you are worthy, you are worthy. Say it out loud, type it out or write it out: I AM WORTHY.

Ask for help if you are feeling stuck. Stop it, clear that and ask for help. Reach out to people who can help you out. Get out there and ask for help. You may feel resistant, but just go for it.

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2 comentarios de “Is this holding you back?

  1. Melissa dice:

    OMG, this is one of my major blocks. I have a fear to ask for help better yey i dont know how to ask for help. So i will try this now…how can i overcome tis fear and lack of worthiness to ask for help?

    • Sherina Mayani dice:

      Hello Melissa, Thank you for your comment.

      Congratulations – because what you are doing here is already going to help with this fear – you are asking me for help 🙂

      That’s how you overcome it – by asking for help more and knowing that you are worthy of it! also make sure you are ‘clearing’ these fears – have you tried some tapping?

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