How I Ran Away and Build This Online Business

I want to share with you my story, how I build this.

Sometimes we are wonder of how you achieve things in live and one of the questions I am getting a lot is how did you start? How did you build this business?

Every business has a story, mine started in 2014, around February and March, the date that marked my beginning and I still calling the date I started my business.

Start with a family lunch and an excited conversation with my parents of how I decided to be a coach and to start my coaching business. I was telling to my dad, that I was going to a trip to Paris, which is an event that my certification included.

For those who do not know my parents are from India and I was born in Panama, in quite a mix of culture, Panamanian and Indian. My parents born in India and they grew up with that mindset,where the woman should marry and have children. Of course, I will be getting marry soon and having children eventually.

So, what happen to me at that lunch after telling my dad my plans. He just look at me and said a big NO, you are not going anywhere. It was like I know who you think you are, what you think you are doing. You are not going anywhere, he literally draw passport, took my cash, my credit cards, my car, and everything.

I want to see how are you going to do this. You are not going anywhere. No means NO“. And when he said that to me tears came falling from my eyes like crazy. In that moment I felt so stuck, so restricted, so dummy, so angry inside of myself.

I couldn’t do anything, he took everything away. I went crying to my room, sobbing and feeling so bad, stuck, like there were no way out.

In that moment I had literally two choices: to keep on living this life with that feeling of frustration, feeling horrible, stuck, restricted; feeling controlled or finally break free.

I wait for a while and went to sleep. There was the choice again and here is what I chose. I chose to walk away from that. I grab my stuffs, left the apartment, left home. I had nowhere to go, no money, nothing.

I spoke to a friend, stayed with her. I remember that night crying so much. How do I allow to be controlled, How do I allow to live this way. Then I took a decision. This business has to work because it has to work, there is no option. I have no idea how to do it, but I knew I have to do it.

I got support, I got the mentoring and I made it happen. The first months in my business I have made my first $5,000 USD. In my six months of my business I made my first $60,000. In the first year of my business I made my first six figures.

It was tough living that scenario, it was an emotional issue for me, for my family, for that situation that came through me. I still remember myself waking in tears every single day, thinking if I was doing the things in the right way or not.

Why do I share this story with you?

It doesn’t matter where you are in life. If you are tired, feeling stuck and can’t see freedom coming you can create the flow of money and freedom that you desire. And if you are ready to be unstuck, do the things on your terms you must be that woman that live her dream, not someone else dreams.

Remember every part of your journey brings you where you are at today.

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