Let’s talk about “Pricing your services”

If you are a service provider or coach I know sometimes the biggest thing really stopping us from really beginning is putting a price tag to our service. This block can trigger so many emotions. Many of us don’t feel worthy, which is really the main cause behind this block.

If you are feeling unworthy and not confident in yourself and in your skin pricing your service is super hard. Because of this many of us can go into a spin for days and weeks and maybe months and never put on a price. The other thing behind this block is that we feel that people won’t be able to afford the prices we put or that it’s not enough.

The truth is that you will attract people on your frequency so I recommend pricing your service in where your frequency is at and you will call in women who will be willing and able to pay for it. We can’t price our services based on other people. That is giving away our power. And that is a huge block. Because when we give our power away like that everything stops flowing.

This one is also very much linked to the fear of rejection and criticism. We are scared to price our services in case people reject us for it or even criticize us. The truth is that you shouldn’t care.

The people who can’t afford it or don’t want to pay for your services are not your ideal client, and you actually don’t want to be working with them anyways. (Trust me it can be a pain in the aaa…) You want to be working with people who respect you, your prices and services.

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