How To Take Time Off From Your Business

When was the last time you decided to pamper yourself, and set a time for no shoes, no internet or social media?

Today I am going to focus on how to take time off from your business and make more money at the same time.

I am the first to admit that taking time off is challenging, especially if you are an entrepreneur and a business person, but it is not impossible.

The first thing you have to do is to make sure that:

  • you clear your limitations
  • you shift your mindset
  • you believe in your capacities to generate more money without limitations

I was interviewing a woman the other day and she told me how she started her work with a 5 hour workweek, maintaining a high level of productivity and results, landing a six figure income in just a few months. It is amazing!  She started with only 5 hours workweek and she was so happy.

Setting your own time·

The number # 1 thing you should do is to shift your mindset. Yes,  even for taking time off we need to focus on those days, how would you like things to be, where would you like to be, how would you use it effectively. It´s all about preparing things in advance, I do it on purpose and I have found that it helps me to think smarter and be highly productive.

The reality is that when you are in stress mode you are thinking in survival mode, and the decisions you take from this state are not to the highest good. We must take care of ourselves, so our mind can be more relaxed, this state make you more productive, help you grow your business generating more sales.

Remember that your mind works better when you are relaxed versus when you are in stress mode; when you are thinking in survival mode, you are thinking how to quit, all this negative stuff doesn’t help you.

The Benefits of Taking Time Off

There is no doubt that taking a time to unplugged from the daily work, rest and play brings a lot of benefits; that’s why many singers, Hollywood actors and successful people reserve a time for themselves. This moment fuels you with clarity, new ideas, happiness and energy.

So, girls are you ready to take time off?, I’ll be seeing you soon! ☺

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