Let’s talk about “Never Enough”

This block is really close to home for me. It was a block that I struggled and worked for months and years. I always had this feeling in me that the money I had was never enough.

I remember few months earlier that I was so angry and sad because I had not reached my $50k goal, I had actually reached $20k and I was angry. And it was when a friend caught me and said to stop being such a BRAT. I was like WHAT?

And he told me something like: ‘’yes you are being a brat, just a year ago you were only making 1200 and now you are making 20k and instead of celebrating and being grateful you are getting angry and mad’’.

When he told me this I was like OMG. It’s so true. I had become a brat. I had gotten into the programming that it is never enough! And I was in silence and looked at my numbers and realized I just had a $20k month! Something to Celebrate! Just a few weeks and months before $20k seemed so impossible and here I had achieved this.

This can happen when we have a programming that it’s never enough. Even if we make money (if it’s in our jobs or business) we always have this FEELING.

This block usually appears when we have lack of gratitude, and/or lack of acknowledgement. It also appears when we COMPARE ourselves with other people. To be honest the only reason I was so angry was because my colleagues did pass the $50k and I didn’t.

If you feel you don’t have enough, it’s also because you have been focusing on what you don’t have vs. what you do. For me I was focusing on all the things I didn’t get to buy and invest in, instead of looking at all the things I was able to buy and invest in.

Crazy right? And Law of Attractions says that what we focus on grows. Me focusing on what I didn’t had made me feel not enough, it manifested even more situations and circumstances in which I didn’t get to do what I wanted.

These blocks also can be translated if you are the person who never has enough at home. Example: do you want to finish the shampoo until the last drop before you buy another one? Having a shampoo with just little drops creates the feeling of not enough.

When you know it’s finishing how does it feel? Not really good right?

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