To Start Your Business, You Need To Clear Your Blocks

I want to share with you how I cleared my blocks to money flow when I start my business. Many will asked me what was my money story when I start my business and honestly speaking it wasn’t the best, and if not that I came from a bad family or anything like that, is was just I feel that my own programming and what I have giving myself permission to see or believe was very limited.

I didn’t believe, I didn’t give myself the opportunity to believe I can do it, I didn’t give myself the opportunity that I could actually do what I want to. All this things had me limited about money and have my money flow block.

One thing that I did to really help me when it came to making money, and creating money for myself and business was making an intention and a priority to focus on working on me.

What I mean when I say “to focusing on me”? To focus on my blocks, on upleveling my mindset. So many time we start our business but we are not working on us, and many times our businesses are based on us. It’s all energy, it’s all vibration. If you start to build your business and you are not working on yourself and you aren’t in good vibration, guess what!, people is going to feel it, it´s show.

So, when I start my business I made a priority to focus on myself and my energy. And one thing I was doing every single time and in a very consistent way was working on my blocks, in clearing my mindset, clearing those negative beliefs. If I don´t believe I could make money, how it is going to manifest in my life? I have to belief in my mind that I could make money.

I also started to use tapping, a technique similar to acupuncture, only that we don’t use needles. With this technique I was able to work my blocks, also it is the technique that I’m using to help my clients and everyone I can to clear their blocks.

When you clear your blocks and start to focus on the positive, I have seen how it have a good effect on business, why?, because you have change, your mindset have change, your energy is uplevel, your financial frequency is uplevel and when you are uplevel and raising that level you will attract situations that match that. It is basically the law of attraction one on one, and it´s a crucial piece of it.

When you uplevel your frequency you are able to call the clients who are looking to work with you, who can afford you, who are excited, who are in that vibration. You start creating things, ideas, situations and opportunities that match that frequency.

This is the way I did it and I still doing. I have a clearing day for myself and I do very consistently, furthermore I have my own mentor coach that help to look at the things that I don’t see, to see the blind spots.

Clear your blocks, free your mindset and create the opportunities that you want in your life.

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