Let’s talk about “Money Blocks”

Many times our money blocks are related with our emotions. As an example, I once had a client who did EVERYTHING right in her coaching business. She had nailed her target market, created her package, did the marketing, and did Discovery calls. She did everything! And even as she did everything and was making sales, when the time of receiving the money came, something blocked it. It was crazy.

Once her merchant account gave her trouble, another time her client’s credit card payment didn’t go through. When we finally looked at the challenges she was facing to see what was REALLY going on, we realized that she had a lot of emotions and programming when it came to receiving money.

She had limiting beliefs that receiving money was bad. When she was young her dad used to always tell her that receiving money was bad. Even some years ago she had to use all the money she was receiving from her job on things she actually didn’t want to. Inside her mind, she was programmed that if she were to receive money it would be used on products she didn’t want. The reason being she automatically associated receiving money with bad energy. Therefore, creating money blocks and unable to fully receive that money flow.

Once we were aware of this and what was happening with her energy around money we were able to clear it. We cleared the emotions responsible, we reprogrammed the beliefs and just a few hours after this a payment came through smoothly.

So for those of you just starting your business or even if you have been in business for a few months or years, it does not matter. We all have blocks some way shape or form (if not, all of us would have been millionaires and not need to read this). The more we clear and release our blocks, the more we can grow financially.

If you want to learn money about “Money Blocks” and how to overcome them, I invite you to download my Free E-BookMoney: From Block to Flow” where I reveal the “7 Blocks Holding You Back From Starting and Growing A Thriving Business and How To Overcome Them”.


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