Why I said no to him…

Have you ever said NO to someone when you actually wanted to say YES?

That’s what I did when I was first asked out by my now fiance.

I told him No – not once but more than a hundred times when he asked me out.

When actually deep down I wanted to say YES.

You see – what was holding me back from being in my truth and saying yes was judgement, and fear.

How many things do you say NO to because of fear? When you actually want to dive in and say YES?

When I finally did say YES to him, my life changed – for the better and it’s been amazing since.

You start seeing the value of saying YES when that’s your truth – even if you are scared and nervous.

When you start saying YES to your truth and desires you start living a more full abundant life.

Are you ready to say YES? 😉

2 thoughts on “Why I said no to him…

  1. Annie says:

    I don’t understand – what judgement and fear would make you so no do date someone? His looks? Just wondering because it doesn’t say.

    • Sherina Mayani says:

      Good question!
      It was the religion – I was born in the mindset that I had to marry someone in my own ‘cast’ and religion and he wasn’t from that so that’s why 🙂

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