How To Create a Sales Strategy That creates Money Flow

Often, I am asked How do I create a strategy that sales?

If you want to be in flow with money, if you want to be in cash flow in your business you have to focus your actions and energy on two things: marketing and sales.

How do I create a strategy for sales that works and create an impact?

Building Connections.
When people decides to work with me is because they trust me and they like the work I am doing, they are connecting with me in some form through the posts or videos creating a relationship that strengthen the trust factor. Any sales strategy should create a lot of momentum and connection before.

In the dating world, you don’t go out with a person you just met and ask to marry you. Usually you build a relationship through going out and get to know each other before, going steady before do the proposal; same happens with sales.

When you are building your sales strategy you must be sure to create a connection with the people before. The reason to create this connection is because they get to know you, to experience you, to know your energy, your values and have a feel if they want work with your or not. And this is very important, because it is like a tester.

When you are working on the abundance mindset, you are not thinking in terms of convincing somebody is really about people and solving problem, and support them and their goal they have in their life.

Make sure you do a lot of connections before you do sales

Creating a Plan.
Give yourself a time, a few months or even 90 days. When I am doing sales, I gave myself at least 90 days, because I like having a plan and to know what I am going to do, it put me at more ease. So, put your plan in your calendar and note what are you going to be doing to create a momentum, to create connection, how you will be doing the offer; actions where you can really focus on and built that connections before making the sales.

Build a Community.
Finding the people to offer the services or products is super important, so you must build your community. To create potential sales you need to built your community by devoting a sufficient amount of time to generate that relation. Include this in your plan, in your calendar and get feedback from your people.

By following these steps, you’ll not only establish a sales strategy, but also form a community of people whom you are helping to thrive.

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