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Feel like you are ‘Overworking’?

Hello, Do you ever find yourself doing everything but not achieving anything? I have to admit that I have. Sometimes I can get super masculine and take lot’s of action, the massive action type. The result? I get burned out, not such great results and I just don’t feel good. I have learned that sometimes […]

Enjoy your journey NOW

“Success is a journey not a destination” -Ben sweetland Has it happen to you that you always expect results to happen faster than what they should? Things that happen in life happen because of a reason. There’s something much greater underneath than just the result of things. Don’t you think it’ll be boring if we just […]

How you THINK clients see you vs How they REALLY do

REALITY AWAKENING I wanted to write about this because I think this is something really important  for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re an entrepreneur in progress, an experienced one or if you’re just starting to give it a chance, Perception is something that affects our Business and Lives. I always put it in these […]

How getting CLEAR helped me THRIVE in my Coaching Business

Today I want to share something different with you… I often see how my clients are always doubting about the direction their Business is taking. They always say they don’t know if the course they are taking is the RIGHT one… I wanna share my story with you, because as them I was in wonderland […]

(DONE) Do you suffer from ‘Comparitisis’?

Do you find comparing yourself with someone else? If yes, you have what I like to call ‘Comparitisis’ I have to admit that I had it too. I was comparing myself with other people and trying to make myself ‘wrong’ for what was happening or not happening in my life and business I was actually […]

How to overcome the 3 types of pain we FEAR the most?

I decide to write this short article about FEAR after watching a great video from Brendon Burchard (one of my current mentors) and I love when he mentions that “most fears are just bad management of our own mental faculties.” WAO. Let’s go deeper on this concept. This might be a game changer in your […]

How do we go from “good” to “GREAT”?

How do we go from “good” to “GREAT”? While watching the video “Hall of Fame” by The Script, a moment of clarification came into my mind from the Universe. Almost every very successful person tells that the #1 rule of their achivements has been “hard work” and what that really means is that you need […]

How I manifested to go to Sydney TWICE in 6 months

Hope you are doing amazing! In these days I was looking at my dream book; this is a book I started in 2011 in which I added photos of all my dreams and desires. Looking at it I noticed this beautiful photo of Sydney. I had added this photo back in 2011. It Hit Me! […]

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