What I Did After Getting 16 NO’S In A Month!

Let me share with you my story

 Just a few months ago I was in a Job I didn’t LOVE making less than $2k a month. Do you relate? I knew in my heart that I desired to be of service and that I had something amazing to share with women from all around the world.

What happened?

…Do you want the true story?

Or the ‘dressed’ up Pretty Story?

Let’s go with The True story: I was stuck… I got 16 No’s in a month. And in 10 months I got more than 40 NO’s… I got in Debt… I had some personal issues… I had nights that I used to cry and feel trapped…

That is the true story…

But it didn’t last…

Want to know why?

Because I decided to do something about it.

I decided to go for my dreams persistently even if things didn’t seem like it were working. Even though things weren’t falling into place like I wanted to…

You know what I did?

I MOVED AWAY… I allowed things to happen, Things to FLOW..

I stopped Pushing.. Rather I got in my flow, my own flow to build a coaching business that truly inspired me, in my OWN pace aligned to my OWN joy.

Not comparing myself with other women.

The only person I compared myself with was myself. Yes Myself..

Want to know what happened?

Things started happening…. Yes.. I started travelling… But there were also times I had NO IDEA how I was going to go and afford my next trip. Yes, I  started making money, but I didn’t know when the next payment was going to come in… Yes, there were times in which I had Less than $50 in my account. Scary? Shit yes! First time I actually share this.. But you know why I share it?

So you can see that I am real. This is not about telling you that it will be all great, rather getting you clear on how AMAZING the journey will be, with the NO’s with the low accounts and all of that. Because all of that Might happen but if you are in your journey and aligned to your truth Nothing of that will Move you.

And Because NOTHING will move you.. You know what will occur?

Nothing… nothing will touch you or disturb you… And You WILL Thrive, you will have your Big Paydays. You will have an amazing Jet Setting Coaching business. You will serve amazing people from around the world. You WILL.

You will FEEL GOOD. And when you start to look back at where you started you will see the difference. You will see the achievement.

The reason behind you desiring to create and start your own Coaching business is To FEEL GOOD, To Be of Service and To Be abundantly Free and Happy.

If any of this resonates with you I have opened up some time in my calendar this week for some 30 mins Complimentary Assessments… To really get clear and Discovery where you are at.. To help you see how FAR you have REALLY gone, to help you get a Reality Check! And see how you can be supported in creating and building your coaching business.

Book your Complimentary 30 minute Assessment here:


You deserve those amazing Clients..

You deserve that amazing increasing consistent income..

It is all yours and available for you….

All you got to do is to get Vibrating Right!

Book your Complimentary 30 minute Assessment here:


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