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3 Steps to a more Abundant Mindset!

What is Abundance for you? Want a Killer Abundant Mindset? Well, Today I want to share with you some steps so you can have a more abundant mindset so you can rock your business and life. Start listing things that you already are abundant in: Take a moment to think about things you are abundant now. It […]

4 Things you can do to feel more Confident so you can ROCK it in your coaching Business

Before we get into the things you can do to raise your confidence let’s first get clear on what confidence means to you. What confident means for you? Are you ever thought about this? For me confident is the internal power to do what I want. Not feeling down or low for others peoples believes. […]

5 ways to get ‘FAST’ results in your life and business

Ever feel like you are in a ‘’HURRY’’? That you NEED to start getting Results today? Are your Money Goals driving your Crazy? I’ve always wanted to learn the ‘’fastest’ ways to get results in my business and life! And after diggind I realized a few things that can really support you in getting ‘’FAST’’ […]

4 Things you can Do Today to FEEL more Free & Abundant

Why Would you want to Feel more Free and Abundant? If you want more money and more time freedom you got to FEEL as though you have these things already. It’s so important for you to feel that way first before you manifest it on your life. I am going to share with you 4 […]

Why Following Through Your Commitments can make you money

Commitments, commitments, we are all so full of them. Many people get scared of the word commitment. How do you feel just reading the word? In my experience I have learned and studied how commitment plays a BIG game when it comes to making money! Yes. Money! Making money and being of TRUE service in […]

3 Ways to stay High Vibrational when you don’t see the Money coming in!

When you are doing everything but you’re not seeing the money comes in, these are some way to put your vibration high which will therefore support the Money to come in ASAP! Doing wealth consciousness work: All of us have wealth consciousness. All of us have access to it. Sometimes we don’t work it or […]

Learn from my friend Cassie how you can Improve your Discovery Calls

If hopping on a discovery call scares the crap out of you, you’re not alone. One of the biggest issues many coaches face is the dreaded discovery call (or clarity call, sales call – whatever you want to call them). Why? Because chances are, every call you’ve ever had has resulted in either a low-paying […]

3 Mistakes we should be aware of when starting our business

I want to share with you some mistakes we should be aware of when starting your business 1. Getting into debt: If we need to grow we need to invest and for that we need money. Sometimes we don’t handle it in the right way and we get in too many debts and this put you in […]

5 Mistakes New coaches make when starting their Business

Today I want to share with you 5 Mistakes New Coaches Make when starting their Business: Not be clear on their WHY: If we’re not clear on the reason why we want to start our business it’s so easy to get BLOCKED. Not knowing our why can be something really huge, because if we don’t know […]

How you can make your intention a reality NOW

Happy First of July! 😀 A new day and a new Month. Powerful right? Days like this are best to start and set intentions. I am all about setting intentions. When we align our thoughts and get clear of what we desire to get out of our days and months it can be very magical. […]

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