How to overcome the 3 types of pain we FEAR the most?

I decide to write this short article about FEAR after watching a great video from Brendon Burchard (one of my current mentors) and I love when he mentions that “most fears are just bad management of our own mental faculties.” WAO.

Let’s go deeper on this concept. This might be a game changer in your life starting right now. Ready? Lets go…

Understanding “fear” is a contemplating process. Once you understand what it is, then you can overcome it. Because things, once you understand them more, they are not so terrifying. Once something becomes knowable, then you can develop competency around it and finally you can develop confidence around it.” Is a loop that you need to master.

So, what are the 3 types of pain that we fear the most and HOW TO overcome them:

LOSS PAIN: Is related to the fear of losing things or people if we take actions towards our goals and dreams. To overcome it, you need to focus on what you might GAIN if you face that fear and go for what you want. Get excited on those possible GAINS and by Law of Attraction you will get those experiences in your life or something better. You become what you focus your thoughts most of the times. The movie “The Secret” explains this concept very well.

PROCESS PAIN: This is related to thinking about how long or difficult the path of “changing” is gonna be. To overcome it, try to put joy and excitement on the challenge, focusing on knowing that during the process and once you complete it, you will develop into this amazing new person, with more knowledge, vision and experience. Make it fun, feel that is gonna bring spice into your life and that you will discover new dimensions of your mind and body that you were not aware at your current situation. And as time is just an illusion, the process will finish and you will achieve the goal, but time never felt as long or heavy as you though it would be. Try it out and you will find out for yourself.

OUTCOME PAIN: This is related to the classic “what if” and we usually only think about the worst case scenarios in our minds. To overcome it, start using dreamboards or visualization exercises to get on the feeling on all the possible positive outcomes that you can achieve or get when you face that fear. Give your attention and focus to those emotions that you can anticipate when having that positive vision on how everything is gonna turn out just great for you, having faith that the Universe is always on your side, especially when you are driven by good intentions and doing yours life work with true passion. Is just how life works. Learn it, apply it and then enjoy it. Is gonna get awesome from now on.

These are the types of pain the paralyze us from taking action into our dreams because our minds has been program to try to avoid as much pain as possible in this life and because of that, we stay in our “comfort zone” where we feel that we will never have to face these types of “pains” but there’s actually no “safe position” in life, so you might just as well go out and start making life fun, exciting and face your fears one at the time, thinking always of all the great outcomes that will be created by the Universe in return for your courage to go after what you dream of or believe in.

And after all, what is really the benefits of living a life full of fears? There are NONE actually and we all know that, we just dont want to face it.

Do justice to your own life, to your own amazing humanity, to your gifts, powers, abilities, strengths, talents and skills. Don’t let FEAR take control of what’s possible for your life.

You are an work of art of divine love and perfection of a higher power. In you relies an energy that CAN change the course of this whole planet in a day. OWN IT.

Believe that the Universe will take care of everything you need to make your dreams a reality and leave your signature on the pages of history as a person who came, live fully and created a legacy of inspiring moments that enlighten others to also do justice to their own greatness in their lifetime.

In a nutshell, acknowledge that you have fears like every other human being, but take action even when you sense that fear is present, because history has shown us that once you build up the courage to go after your goals and dreams “no matter what”, that is the KEY to having a life of achievements instead of a life of “regrets” because is actually the PAIN OF REGRET the ONLY ONE we should really try to avoid in our life.

So go out there and start making things happen. – JM

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