Feel like you are ‘Overworking’?


Do you ever find yourself doing everything but not achieving anything?

I have to admit that I have.

Sometimes I can get super masculine and take lot’s of action, the massive action type.

The result? I get burned out, not such great results and I just don’t feel good.

I have learned that sometimes even though we feel that working harder or putting in more hours will bring us more results, it is not necessary is the case.

It can actually be the total opposite.

Sometimes what we need is a break and some time to unwind.

I don’t believe we have to be on ‘break’ all the time but at the same time I don’t believe we have to be over working all the time.

There comes a time in which we are overworking and doing a LOT. But let me share with you my rule on that. If I find myself in that position I make sure I am having a damn good time. See action like that should feel good. It doesn’t mean that you won’t be tired or anything rather you will feel inspired and aligned.  That is the sweet spot! That type of action creates SOO MUCH Results!

The truth is that the more aligned you are with yourself and your feeling you will be guided to the actions to take and when to take that break. We all have different cycles and seasons and the more we respect our own individual cycles the better it will be for all! Trust me. You will FEEL so much better.

Building your coaching business CAN be joyful, and in align to you and your purpose.

In my E-Course Follow Your Coaching Business I support you in creating a business that is aligned to you and your desires so you can make the money to create the freedom that you are craving.

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Remember it CAN be joyful and in alignment to YOUR own thing.

I have really cool Bonus’s for you as well! And you can do it in your own time and space.

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Sending you lot’s of LOVE and JOY,

Sherina Mayani

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