(DONE) Do you suffer from ‘Comparitisis’?

Do you find comparing yourself with someone else?

If yes, you have what I like to call ‘Comparitisis’

I have to admit that I had it too.

I was comparing myself with other people and trying to make myself ‘wrong’ for what was happening or not happening in my life and business

I was actually starting to feel ‘bad’ with my dreams and desires and I did not understand WHY this was happening to me. Then I realized I was going for goals that were not mine. They were goals I put on myself because I saw other women do it. I was comparing myself with other women entrepreneurs and the success they were achieving.

Something shifted when I realized that I am in my OWN journey and OWN pace.. And that I actually have achieved ‘A LOT’ and really something amazing… It is all a matter of perspective really right?

You are doing great compared to whom or what?

If you compare yourself with someone who is way ahead of the game and is just doing things differently as you off course you are going to seem as a ‘failure’ but if you compare yourself with someone who is no where close to where you are at.. you will seem as a success…right?

The question is whom should you compare yourself with if you always want to be moving forward? The people way ahead and then feel bad when you don’t achieve ‘your’ goals? Or the person way behind you and you feel that you reach your ‘comfort’ zone?

Let me tell you something, I have tried it all.. And I realized and learned something very powerful.. Which is this:

Compare yourself with yourself.

Yes try it.

Compare yourself with what you ‘could have done’!

Compare yourself with where you were one year ago. A few Months ago, Few weeks ago, even a day ago!

I started to think about what I have been able to achieve in just one year. It has been a lot! I started focusing on my wins vs. Comparing myself with other women who were way ‘ahead’ than me.

Sometimes we got to get real with our goals and get out of fantasyland. Sometimes we just got to go one step at a time and some times we have to STOP comparing ourselves with other women. What game are we playing?

Truth is if we connect with ourselves and take one step at a time we will reach where WE desire to go, not where someone else is!

On dollar at a time we will reach our Goal…

One client at a time we will reach our goal…

Try it. Whatever your goal is try breaking it down smaller and focus on the smaller piece. Make it EASY.. Once you make it easy and you ACHIEVE IT.. you will create momentum you will create success. And that success will call in even more success for you.

Try This.. Make success a habit..

What small thing can you do today that will help you get into momentum?

Instead of comparing yourself with others, or creating crazy goals based on other people. Follow your heart and butterflies, and create YOUR own goals, and start taking small steps towards it. Every step counts.

By the time you know it you will be a successful person and it will be engrained within you and when you do ‘compare’ yourself with where you were months you will notice the difference and you will have ‘won’ and will be FEELING GOOD.. Which is what we all want anyways!

Have a great day,

Lot’s of love,

Sherina Mayani

P.S. I have created an amazing FB Group for all of us to really share and celebrate each other. But celebrate us! Not to compare ourselves! And really nurture each other in our own individual journeys! Request to Join here and Introduce yourself.

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