How do we go from “good” to “GREAT”?

How do we go from “good” to “GREAT”? While watching the video “Hall of Fame” by The Script, a moment of clarification came into my mind from the Universe.

Almost every very successful person tells that the #1 rule of their achivements has been “hard work” and what that really means is that you need to dedicate as much time as possible to your craft, to that thing that you feel called to do on your time on earth and keep developing that talent or skill because that passion and energy you are putting into “that” is gonna be the KEY for you getting from being “good” to “great”.

You see, your mind, your soul and your body are designed to ONLY go to amazing new levels of “WAOOO” and “OMG” when you demand them to ignate that unleash power that we ALL have within.

If we are “persistent” and “dedicated” to our craft that’s where the MAGIC happen. You will wake up the next day thinking differently, with new ideas, feeling more powerfull, with more physical strengh, solving things that seem unthinkable before and your energy will reach to new levels where, by Law of Attraction, you will start manifesting amazing things by doing your craft.

You will notice that now you speak more fluently and confident as a coach, some fears start to having less and less weight, more clients come in out of nowhere, you start having new ideas for your business, getting daily “downloads” from the Universe.

All this amazing things starts to happen when you decide to go to the NEXT LEVEL.When you stop focusing on what you DONT HAVE and put full focus on WHAT YOU HAVE and that IS ALL YOU NEED RIGHT NOW.

When you believe there’s a better version of yourself hiding behind your current fear. That life steps aside for the “no matter what” man or women. Is true, “we are all born to be great” but the ONLY WAY you will ever find out how GREAT you CAN BE is by believing in yourself and in your dreams, pushing yourself every week to go to another level (even if you dont know how is gonna feel), and keep improving your craft, practice more and more, keep looking for the gold without focusing on how much durt you need to remove in the process, knowing by faith that YOUR NEXT LEVEL is already real, you just need to UNLEASH IT.

Nobody that today you consider “GREAT” got to that level by staying in their comfort zone at their beggining (when nobody knew who they were), but by challenging themselves to “do iteven if fear was present, even if the odds seem small, even if nobody seems to believe in them, even when hard days came to them, because that’s when people get stuck or give up on their greatness, when they dont see the growth or results as fast as they were expecting.

Getting to “GREAT” is a process and it takes time, but is all about keep working on yourself knowing that today you are “good” but not as “good” as you are going to be tomorrow if you keep pushing and keep your focus on the goal.

And once that “greatness” comes out and you are amaze of all of the things you are capable of doing now (that you would not believe a few months ago about yourself), then you start being an example and inspiration to all of what’s possible and that everybody can get to that level in their own life ONLY and ONLY IF they start demanding more of themselves when working on their craft, talents and skills towards their goals and dreams.

So just BE SURE that who you are rignt now is not the total reflection of your TRUE GREATNESS. There’s more amazing things you can do that you are not aware right now but I can assure you that if you keep yourself busy and focus on getting better and better every week, you life will take off to a WHOLE NEW DIMENSION and you will feel like “OMG” when you find yourself in that NEW LEVEL and the world is gonna benefit the most out of your craft, because it will be now at its FULL EXPRESSION, the way the Universe intended to be.

So, are you going to stay in your comfort zone today or take at least 1 hour of your day to go to the NEXT LEVEL on your craft, talents and skills?

The world is waiting for you and the universe is already ready to move mountains out of your way if you decide to go for your GREATNESS.

Is up to you. Is your birth right. GO FOR IT. What are you waiting for. LIFE IS NOW. – Jorge M.

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