How you THINK clients see you vs How they REALLY do


I wanted to write about this because I think this is something really important  for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re an entrepreneur in progress, an experienced one or if you’re just starting to give it a chance, Perception is something that affects our Business and Lives.

I always put it in these words:

What do you see when you look at yourself in the mirror?

Do you like what you see?

Is there anything you’d like to change?

The answer for most of women is:

Yes, followed by a list of things that we might not like or would like to be slightly different, even small things like the shape of your eyebrows, or the color of our teeth or something deeper not physical but spiritual and emotional.

We  are often way too hard with ourselves, more than what we should. Think of  that advertising campaign Dove did few years ago where they had this illustrator who first heard how women described themselves & draw that and then he heard and draw the description of those same women from another’s point of view. The result was completely different, the second drawing was more accurate and showed not only a better physical appearance but the energy of those women too. It was such an awakening exercise that after seeing the video you could see how wrong you are about yourself.

And this too happens for your “Business self” the image your clients have about you might be the opposite of how you’re seeing yourself. It is possible that your perception of yourself is affecting your business, if you build the RIGHT Perception you can attract more people willing to work with you, more people desiring to follow your lead and walk their path guided by you.

So How do We Know if it’s affecting it in the RIGHT or WRONG way?

Ask yourself these questions:

*Do You Love what you’re doing now?

*Do You Wake Up every Morning feeling excited & inspired?

*DO you feel like everything is possible?

*What have you changed in your life or business in the last year?

*What is it that people like the most about you/your business?

*Is it easy for you to relate to people/clients?

Your answers have all the key points to improve your perception of yourself in so many ways. Your clients’ perception about your business is reflected on that mirror in which you’re looking at yourself and you need to turn that into something that not only attracts but maintains a positive vibe around you.

Anything is possible and you have to believe it so people around you BELIEVE in you and trust you with their training in life.

I’m always looking to connect with people so I can relate and really understand their specific needs and I can show you what’s the best way to achieve this relationship that will build the Perception you want your clients to have about you, tour service and your business.

Today I opened a special space for a FREE Training Call that you can use to understand more about attracting clients and maintaining them, we will discover together where you’re at in your Entrepreneurial Journey so we can  Build Your Coaching Business!

You can have that RIGHT Perception built in less than what you think, you just need to make it happen and I’m here to help you through that Discovery Process.

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