2019… Here we come!

Can you believe 2019 is JUST around the corner??

In less than a week, we turn the page to a new book with 365 blank pages.

So I want to share a question with you. One that can change everything in 2019, and maybe change your life forever!

Before I get to the REAL question…I want you to ask yourself,

“Do I really want to make 2019 my best year ever? Am I really committed to that?

Here’s what you’ve got to ask yourself if you are going to make 2019 your best year ever:

“Do you really want it?  Do you REALLY want it?

Are you really committed to getting the results?

Are you really, really willing to go there, to go wherever you need to go to get to your dream, your vision, your biggest desire?

As a coach, it’s something I sometimes struggle with my clients about, they might say they want “X” but they aren’t really committed to doing whatever it takes to get the result. AND that’s okay…perhaps they haven’t gone deep enough with their WHY?

So if you can answer the question above with a clear and resounding “YES” then GO for it! Just DO something, take ONE step! Find someone to support you, create a tribe around you that will hold you accountable, connect with a mentor or a coach that will hold you in your highest and be there for you!

There is something magical when we take action toward an intention, a goal, a vision. The Universe hears our YES and sees our action and conspires to support us with opportunities to keep moving forward!

If you CAN’T answer with a resounding, “Yes,” that’s okay…no judgment, no shame. You are just not there yet.

Here’s what I recommend if you are not sure of the answer:

  1. Sit with yourself, allow yourself to dream of what it is you desire and get into the feeling of it, what would it be to accomplish what you are desiring
  2. Then, think about your WHY behind what you desire, what’s the inspiration, what’s the driving force behind what it is you want so much? Is it surface, or is it deeper…the deeper the why the more likely you will be to follow through when things get challenging.

This is really the KEY to everything, “Do I really want it?”

I even had this come up in my own life! You know I’m preparing for my wedding and obviously want to be in the best shape of my life, feeling GREAT when I wed the love of my life…but the holidays and all the yummy foods!

So I got to ask myself, “Sherina, do you really want this? Do you really, really want what you say you want? Do you really want to be healthy, do you really want to eat better.”

To be honest for a while, the answer was “No.” So I wasn’t willing to cook, I was not willing to buy healthy veggies; I was not WILLING to invest time, money, and energy into getting healthier.

But when that answer became a YES, I was WILLING to do the work. It actually became easier.

So answer for you the question, “Do I really want to make 2019 the best year ever? Am I willing to do the work?”

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