What I learned from helping a FRIEND win!

I had an opportunity to help a friend last year.

There was an amazing contest going on, one created by my coach and anyone who participated could win things like cash or a trip and other really cool stuff.

When I saw the announcement, I was like, “Oh My God, I want to play…but will I win?” All the those things came up in my mind. The very normal reactions when we doubt ourselves and what is possible. Everything ran through mind super quick as I thought about if I was going to play or not.

Then the opportunity popped up. I could play alone OR I could join a friend’s team and help HER win the prizes! As I thought about her offer and the choice I had to play on her team or go it alone, I realized something super important.

I spent my life being a lone wolf, playing alone, going for it alone. Me and my ego, alone and I got curious. I decided to stretch and go do something new, get out of my “comfort zone”(which by the way wasn’t all that comfortable!). I was super resistant to go there, which meant it was something I really needed to do!

So I decided to join my friend and support her to win the prizes. My friend is incredibly generous and I adore her. A couple days after I joined her team, I woke up so excited for her…there is so much power in helping others. I know we hear about it all the time, all the spiritual books talk about it and we are encouraged to be of service to others. And for the first time, I was really understanding the meaning behind it all!

Having done this, it was a great wake up call to the actually REASON it’s so important and so powerful to look outside yourself. I was sitting in my room, reading my voxer messages…she had left me a really sweet message about how grateful she was and it felt really good. I was sharing some ideas for her on what we could do to win!

I started thinking, “WOW, this is really exciting.” I was feeling really fired up and that fired up energy, that fuel was going into my team, who was rocking it in my business! I was putting out ideas, being focused, and effective.

In business, we can have so many different things going on, we can get really overwhelmed and confused. The thing is, when I was first asked to be on the team for the contest, I didn’t think I had the bandwidth. I didn’t have the time or energy to devote to someone else…that was the story I told myself, but I did it anyway…because my friend was always so generous, I wanted to give back.

It was so powerful! I wanted to share with you what my experience was. I am inviting you to pay it forward! What could you do to support someone else even if you don’t have the time, money, or energy? What is possible if you decide that being in service to someone else is so important you can’t not do it?

What if you have been a lone wolf like me, doing stuff on your own and always doing things the way you always have? Then you get the same results, right?

Trying something different, especially something that makes you uncomfortable could be the thing that breaks you through what’s stopping you! Reaching out and serving others can bring in miracles to you!

My invitation to you is to reach out and serve someone else…at least one person in the next 24 hours! Even if you have the story of not enough time, money, or energy…if that’s your story and you aren’t getting the results you want…then reaching out ESPECIALLY when you don’t have enough…is something that could really make a difference for you in your business and your life.

Imagine, taking time to reach out and help someone else could be the exact thing that the Universe is waiting to see happen, so that you can open up and receive what’s waiting for you! By giving you open up room to receive!

It’s time for you to step in to generosity and service and then see what miracles roll in for you!

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