Don’t have time to go for your dreams?

Do you say things like, “I don’t have TIME to go for my dreams?”

Take the time to read it all the way to the end, do yourself a favor and it will really make a difference!

Five years ago, I had a J-O-B where I had to be there at 7am. Because part of my job was to make calls to London and when it was 7am in Panama it was 1pm in London.

So I had to be there really really early and even though my work day officially ended at 4pm, there was always something happening after, right? You know how that goes!

Either I had to finish the work I had to do or there was an event. Some of these events were evening events so I sometimes had to go to these evening events at 6-7pm and they ended at 9-10pm.

So these were LONG days and event when I didn’t have events, I used to come home and then had to spend time with my family, sharing a meal, doing household tasks, and getting ready for the next day.

It was always like that!

I really felt stuck in this situation. I had these big dreams, but I felt like I had NO time!

How am I going to build my business and do my dream, if I don’t see space in the calendar?

Every week I speak to women who say the same thing, they tell me, “Sherina, my responsibilities as a mom, I have no maid, plus my husband, my inlaws, my job, I just don’t have time!”

I always tell them, “I get you…I’ve been there.”

Here’s what I realized as I listen them.

I can remember a night back then, or many nights, waking up at 2am, and I was crying, sobbing, thinking, feeling sad about how my life was like. I was in a rat race and I was unhappy!

I wanted to get out of the rat race, but I needed time and money to get out of the rat race, which is WHY I wanted out of the rat race to begin with…so I could have more time, make more money, and pursue my dreams!

In those moments of frustration, I remember making a decision. I said, “My life was NO LONGER going to be that way. I REALLY REALLY wanted to pursue my dream.

I want you to really hear this: I realized and I decided I really really wanted this freedom. I was sick and tired of being tired!

So in that moment, I made the commitment that I would do what was necessary. My first goal was to figure out where I could get more time.

So I used to leave earlier for work and sit in my car and work on my business before I started the day at my job.

Then at lunch, where I used to stay in the office, I started leaving the office. I would go to a nearby coffee shop or to my car and do my stuff.

I also started being particular about the evening events I went to…I started telling my boss, NO! Seriously, saying NO to things that weren’t going to help me build my business.

I had to make choices…on the weekends, I would not go out every weekend with my friends and if my family went off for fun, I would stay home and work.

I made sacrifices but it was worth it because the dream of wanting it was bigger than where I was at.

And a few weeks after I made that decision, I made my first $5,000 in my business.

Looking back, I realize that until I had made that decision, I realized I was comfortable. I was not willing to sacrifice my weekend outings with my friends, I was not willing to sacrifice my lazy weekend mornings when I slept in!

So when I hear women say, I don’t have the time to build my business, I don’t see how I could do it, I ask them, “what if your daughter needed something that would require you to take the time and effort to get it, would you do it?”

Of course, they say yes!! That’s the same intensity you need to have to go after your dreams.

I get it…there are times in my business that I have been really comfortable and I get to decide if I am willing to be uncomfortable in order to build my company.

I have a great team, a great business, and I enjoy going out with my friends, but when I get comfortable, I stop growing. I want to grow my business bigger, do more events, do more travel, and it won’t happen when I’m comfortable.

I get to skill up. Your income only grows as much as you do! When you increase your emotional maturity, personal development, your business grows!

So I get to look at my calendar and see where I can fit in personal growth work, extra studying, extra training, leadership work etc. There are things I am saying no to so I can start skilling up!

I am sharing this with you because if you feel that time is holding you back from building your business, joining the program, going to the event that will change your life, or any other thing that will help you and your business grow, you need to hear this.

It might trigger you, and I say this with love, I don’t care. Because my goal is for you to see this and even if it triggers you, if you can see this, my job is done.

The question is, “Do you really really want this?

I talked to a girl last week and she said, “I’ll do the program next year, and I said, “perfect, and what are you going to do right now?”

Because I have so much experience of people who say, “I’ll do it next year,” then they don’t do anything to change things and they are in the same place next year!

You get to decide are you willing to make the TEMPORARY sacrifices to make your dream happen??

You get to decide if you want to be comfortable OR do you want to go for it! If you start climbing the mountain and you start sliding back…you get to take the action to bring yourself forward.

Yes, I sacrificed, I had to miss nights out with my friends, yoga nights…but I was able to leave my job in 6-7 months.

SO if you have a time conversation…ask yourself: “Am I REALLY REALLY willing to make this shift in my life? Am I willing to go after my dreams and am I willing to sacrifice to make it happen???”

Then take ONE action step forward...that will get you where you want to go!

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