How to TRUST (even when things are challenging!)

What happens when you in a challenging situation and you don’t see the way on how things are going to work out?

It used to really stress me out, I would get worried wondering, how is this going to be resolved, when will it be resolved, is it going to be resolved?

Does that sound familiar?

When you are in a moment of uncertainty in your life, you can really feel stressed, overwhelmed, and confused.

Wouldn’t you love to have some tools and strategies to manage those reactions and create trust even in uncertain moments?

When you start implement these concepts you are going to feel more grounded, positive, and certain! AND that will create an energy of TRUST!

Here’s what I’ve learned to do in those moments and it’s made a big difference in my life. These concepts have helped me be in faith and know that things are going to work out. You know that when you KNOW things are going to work out, they do.

I used to be the person that would stress out over things that hadn’t happened yet, but were like worse case scenario and those things don’t even usually happen, but I was expending tons of energy on them for no reason.

I read somewhere, “Worrying is negative goal setting.” How powerful is that? And it is so true!

So here are two BIG keys to learning to trust:

  1. Be present. When you are present, there is no space to focus on the future and you realize I’m good right now. When you learn to really be present and train your mind to be present and not on the go-go-go, you connect more in a way that is indescribable.
  2. Have an open mind. We have usually trained our minds that things won’t work but when you keep an open mind, you get to see the opportunities and blessings that come from the situation.

I heard a really amazing story about a man from China whose son fell from a horse. Everyone was so worried, saying, “we are so sorry, poor you.” He said, “Poor me or I’m good,” it’s a choice. This isn’t good or bad, it’s just what it is. The son was injured and couldn’t walk well and people, were all like, “poor you, poor him.” The man said, “it’s good or not good, I don’t know, doesn’t matter. Then the army came in and took all the young men to war and the son couldn’t go and people said, “lucky you, lucky you.” His response, “lucky or not lucky, doesn’t matter, it just is.”

The point of the story is we make events MEAN something when the event itself is actually neutral.

What would life be like if we just let events unfold and didn’t attach the labels of “good” or “bad” and they just were events? Decreases the stress SO much, right?

In my journey these past years, definitely there are times that things happen and I could think, why me? But I just looked at them and said, “maybe they are happening for a reason.”

One time, my flight got delayed and a friend of mine was like, “that’s such a bummer, that your flight got delayed.” I said, “hey you know, maybe this is good, I’m just going to the club room and study and read.” I’d been looking for time to just sit and study and the Universe provided it!

Later, my friend told me, “You’re so lucky you didn’t come on time!” Because I ended up missing the lunch that a lot of those who attended got food poisoning.

So these things that look like they aren’t working out, actually are working FOR us in so many ways. It’s all about perspective!

We get to shift, so I challenge you to look at some events that are challenging in your life and ask, “What if this is working this way FOR me?”

Let me know what happens!

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