4 Things you can Do Today to FEEL more Free & Abundant

Why Would you want to Feel more Free and Abundant?

If you want more money and more time freedom you got to FEEL as though you have these things already. It’s so important for you to feel that way first before you manifest it on your life.

I am going to share with you 4 Things you can start doing TODAY so you can start feeling these feelings so you can manifest the wealth of your wildest dreams:

  1. Dress Richly and Dress Nicely: This can make a huge different in the way you feel. You don’t need to be overdressed, but make sure you feel good with what you are wearing and how you look. Make your hair, put some lipstick on it, do your nails. These are very simple and wasy stuff that can make you feel great.
  1. Using something new: Use something NEW. It doesn’t mean you have to buy something new or expensive. For example you can use a new pen, a new eraser or a new cellphone cover. When you have the energy of the new it feels so great, that vibration is so abundant. Use something new today. That new ‘thing’ you were saving, start using it and feel that vibration!
  1. Having CASH with yourself: There is something abundant when you have cashh in your wallet, even if it’s a dollar. There’s something magical when you open your wallet and you see cash and money there. It makes you feel good and abundant.
  1. Scheduling free time in your calendar: I make sure that I put on my calendar, everyday a block of two or three hours for free time.  And if you’re too busy, put at least 10 or 15 minutes.  This ‘’free Time’’ will help you feeling FREE. Don’t be the person overloading your calendar.

You can also use this mantra is this action step is challenging for you: ‘’It’s safe to have free time. ‘’

Remember that when you feel this way, you’re able to manifest more into your life.

So take action today. On any of these 4 Things and see how you start changing the way you FEEL!

Therefore manifesting a life of your wildest dreams!

Make sure you share in the comments below your thoughts or questions about this!

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