Why Following Through Your Commitments can make you money

Commitments, commitments, we are all so full of them.

Many people get scared of the word commitment. How do you feel just reading the word?

In my experience I have learned and studied how commitment plays a BIG game when it comes to making money!

Yes. Money! Making money and being of TRUE service in the world.

Want to know why?

A person who keeps and follows through their commitments attracts people who are the same and having a business in which all commitments are followed through makes it a very powerful and viable business. Not to mention with a really strong foundation.

Ifyou want to know HOW you can follow through your commitments even when it’s hard I share below three ways that have worked wonders for me:

  1. Acknowledging your broken agreements: If we don’t acknowledge them, we can’t fix them. Where in your life you have broken agreements? Notice them and acknowledge them even if it’s to yourself.
  2. Amend the commitments that you had broken in the past: Empower yourself to be able to recognize and work to fix them.
  3. Make sure that if you commit to something you are going to do it: Make sure if there is something that you don’t want to do… just say no.  Sometimes it’s better to say no then to break a commitment. You hurt way more people when you break a commitment not to mention you go down in a negative downward spiral when breaking commitments.

Hope this helps!

Lot’s of love,


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