5 Mistakes New coaches make when starting their Business

Today I want to share with you 5 Mistakes New Coaches Make when starting their Business:

  1. Not be clear on their WHY: If we’re not clear on the reason why we want to start our business it’s so easy to get BLOCKED. Not knowing our why can be something really huge, because if we don’t know our true why, we don’t do the job.Get clear on the reason you want to start your coaching business. Maybe it’s for financial freedom or more time to do the things you love. It could be many reasons, GET CLEAR ON YOUR REASON.
  1. Don’t get support or guidance early on: Something that happens when we start is that we have no clue on what to do. This create confusion, weird and stagnant energy. It’s very important for you to get guidance since the beginning. This is one of the reasons of my own success; from day one I got the correct support to start my coaching business.
  1. Not Focusing on the money-making activities: There is not business if we don’t make money. You need to focus on the actions and the activities that will bring you the money and the freedom to keep investing on your business.
  1. Creating too many programs: If you really want to rock this business focus on one program at time or at least for 90 days. GO ROCK IT, GO SALE IT, MAKE MONEY, MAKE IT GOOD.
  1. Not Working on our Money BLOCKS: We have to work on what is really blocking us from receiving the money we truly desire.

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