3 Ways to stay High Vibrational when you don’t see the Money coming in!

When you are doing everything but you’re not seeing the money comes in, these are some way to put your vibration high which will therefore support the Money to come in ASAP!

  1. Doing wealth consciousness work: All of us have wealth consciousness. All of us have access to it. Sometimes we don’t work it or get in touch with it. Wealth Consciousness is our consciousness to abundance and wealth. If you want to work your well consciousness you can:
  • Reading books every day. Something that inspires you, that put your vibration in a high level and make you realize all the well consciousness that is available for you. I recommend Think and Grow Rich By Napoleon Hill and The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles
  • Listening to audios that lift you up. That keeps your thoughts positive
  1. Being Grateful: Focus on your blessings. Focus on the things you have instead on the things you don’t. This will shift your perspective and the more you focus on what you have the more you will get! Trust me!
  1. Being nice with yourself: Sometimes we put ourselves in situations that make us feel so down just because things are not going in the way we want it. Instead give yourself some time, some words of encouragement. Whatever that keeps you align with your vibrations.

A bonus one

  1. Sing mantras: When you sing, you access your sub consciousness easier.. Singing mantras (repeat a high vibration affirmations) makes you feel so good.



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