Two Techniques to Increase Your Financial Frequency That Works

Often, part of the work I do with my clients is helping them to increase that energy, increase that frequency, and also the strategies to create a profitable business. I’m really excited to share with you two techniques which I personally use. I share these powerful techniques with my clients and these will help you to increase your frequency.

All of us are made of energy, so many times we have frequency like the radio stations. Say the different frequency like 99.1 and 81.9. So when it comes to money, when we increase that financial frequency within us, we are able to track, create and manage more money in our lives. For example, you are earning $2,000 a month, in order for you to earn $5,000 a month, you got to increase your financial frequency to receive that kind of money every single month.

First Technique: Spending money vibrationally

The first technique when it comes to increasing your financial frequency is spending money vibrationally. It doesn’t mean you have to take this money and spend it all physically. No, this is a game that I’ve learnt from the book ‘Ask and It is Given’ by Esther Hicks and Jerry Hicks. In this exercise, you are stretching your mindset, increasing your energy from spending more and more money. Take a piece of paper, write Day 1:  The amount you mentally intend to spend. You can start with $100, $200, or a $1,000. Choose an amount that feels good to you because you got to start increasing it and go outside your comfort zone. That’s the idea. It doesn’t mean you have to take $100 and spend it. No, so you write down the amount on a sheet of paper, eg: you write Day 1: $100.  Say today you start doing this exercise, today you have to vibrationally spend $100. Example: I put $20 for lunch, $80 shoes. That’s $100 that I spend vibrationally. I don’t go out and spend the money in reality. I write it down and I vibrationally spend the $100 in my imagination.   Then tomorrow, Day 2, say I go $200. I start increasing this amount. So you can start with $100, then $200, $300.. like that or you can double it as you feel comfortable. The idea is to double it in a way that you don’t feel wow, that’s a lot of money I need to spend. The idea is to get you be comfortable in spending. You start putting down how you want to spend and you have to spend that day’s amount because the next day you will have a new amount. Whatever amount of money, let’s say Day 2, you don’t spend $200, this amount gets cleared. So you got to keep spending the full amount every single day vibrationally on paper. The result of this exercise is to increase your capacity to spend. When you get use to spending hundreds per day, it just increases your financial frequency. You are not scared of thousands of dollars. When you are not scared of that, you start manifesting that and creates a business that allows money to come in. Because people who are dealing in the millions, they are dealing with millions every day. They are used to it, they don’t freak out with that amount. This exercise can train you to increase your financial frequency.

Second Technique: Sleeping with subliminal mindset money affirmation

 The second technique is sleeping with subliminal mindset money affirmation. I prefer to record my voice saying positive affirmations. I will let it play at night when I’m sleeping. What it does is it talks to my subconscious mind; making me increase my financial frequency. Sometimes when I wake up, I believe it’s possible now. Alternatively, you can go to Youtube and search for affirmations for wealth or money mindset. You can download these and listen to it at night. This technique is super duber powerful. I’ve done it and I’ve seen my clients used these techniques and do these exercises. As a result, I’ve seen how they increase their financial frequency. By doing this, you allow more money to come in, you create more money, business ideas comes in, the support comes in. You are more likely to be in that energy. You got to be in that energy if you want to be making money in your business. You want to create your business, you want to start your business, it’s so important for you to be in that energy. Once you start stretching your mind using these techniques, it will help you to be in that space.

If you like these two techniques, I like to invite you to check out my new program, Money Flow Mastery. This is a group coaching program where I’ll be teaching all around money and these cool techniques to raise your financial frequency, to clear the financial blocks and really build a business that makes you money. Not just build a business as an expensive hobby, but build a business in the right way, in the right order that actually works. This is a 12 months program and I’m really excited to share this with you. For more details, check out.

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