The Shift That Will Create More Sales In Your Business

As any business owner, one will always crave for more sales in their business. Sales is a really an exciting topic and sometimes a taboo topic. For me, I used to freak out when I think of the word ‘sales’. I used to be scared of it. I don’t know why but most of us do, don’t we? What does the word ‘sales’ conjure up for you?

If you want more money in your business, your focus needs to be on sales. Therefore, the number one shift that will create more sales in your business is to start loving sales. So many times we are afraid of the word ‘sales’. We don’t want to talk about it, we don’t deal with it, we are scared of it because we have this mentality that sales is bad, that you got to force people to buy. However, to have more sales, you need to start liking sales and fall in love with sales. That’s the shift you got to make. Once you make that shift, you get into a good energy with sales. With that good energy, your business and sales improves.

My mentor used to say if the sales part of the business aren’t working, the business is going to go down.  Here is a story about how a business got shut off because there was no sales. Initially, the business was doing really well and they spend all their earnings on staff training and many others things including hosting events. Then the business CEO said that the only part that they need to focus on was sales. That’s the part that didn’t work out well. A few months later, the business got shut down because there was no sales. Sales is where the money comes from. Every business needs to have sales, that’s the number one focus. The morale of this story is you got to like sales, regardless of what business you are in. Whether you are in service based or product based business, sales is the life force of a business. You got to like sales. If you have a negative energy around sales, you can guess it will be very difficult for you to make money.

In the past, I was scared of sales. I had all these limiting beliefs and dramas around sales. I felt sales was negative, it was bad, I had this mentality that you have to be pushy to have sales. Now, as I reframe my mindset, I see it as when we have something to offer that someone wants, it isn’t selling. It is helping people to achieve what they want. This is of being service to others. When you think of sales as being in service, naturally you will like it. When you see it as helping people, you will not look at sales in a negative way.

I have a client who is resistant around sales, especially doing sales calls. This has been blocking her to create a successful business. She’s doing everything great, but this sales piece is missing. Without sales, there’s no money. It’s super important to remind yourself of that. Think of sales as being in service. I’m helping, that will shift your mindset from pushy to be of service.

I truly believe strategy is one part of the business. The other part is having a good energy and good vibe. If not, you may be repelling clients and not holding the space for good things to come in. In my new group program: Money Flow Mastery, I actually show you and train you how to clear this and how to be good at sales and have a solid mindset. In this year long program, I teach you all around mastering your money flow, how to have a better relationship with money, clearing your money blocks, all of these pieces around money. I will also teach you on the business aspects on how to create a community, getting clear on your target market, how to sell, how to clear your selling blocks. If this is what you have been looking for, you can apply here:

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