Create More Money And Abundance In Your Business

Often, my clients ask me how can they create more money and abundance in their business.
Creating a business that has money flow, creating a business you love and being in true alignment takes commitment. There is a reason why not every business is successful in earning six figure business. The process is  not hard, yet it is not easy. The process is simple and that is you got to be committed. You got to pay attention and be focus, take action and do the work. People who are committed to doing these are the ones who see results.

Other than being committed and doing the work, you got to want abundance. Many people ask why don’t I have more money? The truth is are you wanting it? Are you asking for it? Are you taking actions towards it? Sometimes we stay in our comfort zone or get complacent, it is not wrong but be happy with your decision and don’t complain why don’t I have more money. If you want more money, you will find a way to make more money. The reason why I have been able to make more money is because I made that decision in my journey that I want to make more money. It is that wanting, the burning desire that I want more money. This clear decision that I want to make more money path the way to my financial success.

By wanting more money, emotions may surface. Such emotions include guilt, shame or feeling bad for wanting more money. Thoughts like this surface: “How can I want more money?” “Who am I to want more money?” “There are people out there starving, how can I be selfish to want more money?”

 The truth is, from the book ‘The Science of Getting Rich’ by Wallace D. Wattles state, “You wanting that desire is a blessing. It’s good, it is positive and it is indicated that god wants to work through you; that god is calling you and wanting to use you.” The ideas in this book has opened my eyes and mind that wanting money is god wanting to work through me. This idea is totally different from which my culture, my family and people around me are saying. Previously I had the idea of wanting money is wrong. Hence, I struggled till I got my mindset around.

The next issue is you got to be at peace with money to have money and abundance. You got to be present. Teach topics which you are passionate about. This is because when you are curious with the topic, you will ask many questions. That curiosity of wanting to understand money, why people suffer, why we have this kind of energy around it. Through seeking and by law of attraction, I was attracted to different teachers, books, coaches and mentors. That led me to greater awareness which I then understand I got a lot of blocks that I need to overcome. It is a journey that you have to expand and grow. I am grateful to have achieved a lot in my life. However, I have big dreams and visions. I still look forward to doing more, to be better.  I always have this drive to make my life better, how can I explore more, how I can help more and be more in service and  grow. The right questions have led me to where I am now. So when it comes to more money and abundance, the key is being present with money. I used to stress around money because I was thinking about the future. When I think future tripping, it stresses me out and causes me anxiety. When you think in terms of today, you have more than you need. You have extra of everything, why are you stressing out for the future?

Here are some tips and tricks to break free from anxiety, fear and stress. All these are just big illusions we created. When I catch myself getting anxious and stress about money, it is always thinking about the future. The solution is to get back to the present. There is no reason to stress. When you are in flow, everything happens. It’s all being in the present. Be present, don’t go too much into the future. Why go to 6 months in future, when you can focus now. Be present. Be grateful and that opens the abundance gate and clears the block.

When you want to change your life, change your flow and open the gates to abundance and money. Start being grateful for the money you have today. BE GRATEFUL and BE PRESENT.  It is all in your mindset and mentality. In my money flow mastery program, I teach my clients how to have this mindset and be in the flow. For more information, visit

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