Let’s talk about “Talking about Money”

I know that this one might sound super weird but it actually the first block many of us have. And that is Unawareness and not wanting to talk about money. We don’t even know that money is blocking us. And this is really the place we start.

The number one block we got to overcome. Unawareness. We got to know how we feel towards money and situations in our lives that have to do with money. This is really CRUCIAL.

If we walk around feeling Blocks and not acknowledge it there is no change that can happen. I once had a client who never wanted to talk about money, whenever I used to touch the subject I could sense how the energy of the call just shut down and she shut out.

It was amazing. In our work together we realized that she did have lots of blocks on money but was so sacred to be aware of them and acknowledge them and talk about it.

I kind of had to inspire her to be aware because she was doing everything right in the business but there was something in the money that just wasn’t being able to flow the way it was meant to.

And this was REALLY hard for her. I could see and sense how challenging it was for her to see the numbers to really just ACKNOWLEDGE IT. But she did and it was life changing for her.

This block is also very much related when we are scared to talk about money with other people. If we are coaches we have to talk about it with potential clients, and this fear is really what can hold us back.

We got to get comfortable with money and the whole subject. I remember in the beginning of my journey I used to hide my books of money (wealth consciousness) because I was ashamed of it. I didn’t want anyone to see them. I felt embarrassed.

It took a lot of work but now I am so open about it and I can even use the word without feeling shame, guilt or anything. It can be very transformational.

If you want to learn money about “Money Blocks” and how to overcome them, I invite you to download my Free E-BookMoney: From Block to Flow” where I reveal the “7 Blocks Holding You Back From Starting and Growing A Thriving Business and How To Overcome Them”.


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