Hiking Your Way Through Life: 4 Key Lessons

I went on a hike with some few close friends a while ago and I have to admit I didn’t know if I wanted to do it. The idea of getting dirty, tired, and sweating didn’t really appeal to me. I wasn’t sure, but I took on the challenge and went with it. Who knew I was going on an adventure and would encounter a pleasant surprise? I realized that this hike is just like life and learned so much!

I learned:

There is ALWAYS a way past obstacles

During our hike, two horses suddenly appeared and blocked our way. We were not sure what to do! As we got closer to the horses, they would get agitated. We took another way instead. There is always a way when we encounter these “obstacles.”

There are ALWAYS signs

When we were going up a trail, there were some people who were coming down and they actually were like messengers from God because they warned us about an area that was full of mosquitoes and bugs. Thanks to their advice, we didn’t get bitten or swarmed by bugs. As in life, we always have messengers from God warning us of situations. We should listen more.

There is nothing wrong in resting

During our hike, there were a few points where we got really tired. Instead of pushing ourselves, we actually decided to take few minutes to rest. Thanks to these bursts of rests, we were able to do the trail even faster. Sometimes it’s good to stop and take a breather, just like in life!

There is ALWAYS a way, one step at a time

At the beginning of the hike I felt overwhelmed. I had no idea how I was going to reach the top. I felt this more when I physically saw the distance. I decided to just go one step at a time. And guess what? I did reach the top! This is the same with life. You know where you are going, but your focus should be in the present and in your next step.

I hope you have enjoyed what I’ve learned on my hike and start looking at all the lessons life presents to you in the most magical magnificent ways. When we live in a more aware state, we are able to grow even faster.

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