The Power of Awareness

Throughout my journey as a coach I have encountered many women all over the world who are stressed and pressured with money. Business owners, executives, employees, entrepreneurs. They all suffer at some extent when it comes to money, whether they have plenty or not.

The root of this particular suffering lies in one common attitude towards money: not knowing your numbers. Many people live -deliberately or not- in denial when it comes to their financial situation. They tell themselves and others “I don’t have any money! I need more money!”, even though the reality is they have no clue as to how much money they earn and spend. Therefore, they don’t really know how much money they actually have.

Many of these women come to me worn out by the worry of not having enough. However, when we actually sit and go through their numbers, more than often they end up realizing they do have enough money to live, and to do it well. I have also seen the counterpart: women who think they have more than they do, so they spend and spend and spend. Then, when the bills come, they freak out because they realize they don’t have the cashflow to pay them, so they enter debt.

So, what’s they key to start achieving true money flow? It’s simple: you need to become aware of your numbers. You need to observe the way your acting towards money. You need to think differently about it and be at peace with it. You need to take charge in your relationship with money.

In order to do this, it is vital for you to gain clarity over your numbers so you can claim control and start making empowered decisions. It’s not the same to say “I have no money to go to the movies tonight” than to say “I do have money to go to the movies, but I choose not to because I’m taking care of my expenses”.

This simple yet empowering attitude will allow you to think, talk and act from a place of power. It will allow you to make financial choices consciously and feel good about them, because you are the one who is deciding. When we make conscious choices and feel good about them, we feel more powerful and, ultimately, more capable of attracting and manifesting more opportunities, resources and abundance.

Here are some start points to gain awareness over your numbers:

Calculate your incomes

Take note of everything you earn. Whether it is a fixed salary, business sales or money coming from investments. Anything that comes in.

Start journaling your expenses

Take note of your spending. Fixed, variable and/or extraordinary. By doing this, you’ll start realizing what your priorities are when it comes to using your money.

Have a money date

Set up some time to meet with your numbers. Go through your bank statements and look at them with peace. Acknowledge all the money you are making. And, most importantly, be grateful.

Make a monthly plan

Once you’re clear on your budget -how much comes in and how much gets out- give yourself the opportunity to plan how you want to take care of your money from now on. Set goals, dreams and new habits. Allow yourself to be in control.

If you start showing up for your money, soon it will be more present for you.

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