Power of Grounding: Why I love going barefoot outside

The last past days I have been spending lots of time in Nature. This has really created miracles in my life. Just to reconnect. It has allowed me to BE more.

I want to share with you why I love going out on the grass barefoot:

  1. Grounding. when we are barefoot and in the ground (grass) we get connected to earth, to our source and just the act of this makes us feel really good.
  2. Connecting with your inner child. Remember when you are younger, everything was just good and you were just having fun? There was nowhere to go to be. You were just so focused in the moment and felt really good about it? Well being barefoot connects us to our inner child. That younger self that is happy and in the moment.
  3. Opens up Intuition. They say we are able to really connect and communicate to source when we are in a great environment. When we are barefoot we really get connected and are able to open up our intuition even more.
  4. Brings Joy. It will make you happy! It’s like nature’s medicine. You can’t be depressed when you are feeling the grass, vibrancy and life in your feet.

Hope you have enjoyed this as much as I enjoy going outside barefoot 😉

Would love to hear YOUR thoughts. Do you like to go barefoot in grass? If so, how do you feel when you do so?

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