Four Key Steps to Create High-Paying Ideal Clients

I noticed many of you are really trying hard to bring in paying clients to your business. I know exactly how that feels, which is why I have been studying and trying to master this for a few weeks. I wanted to train you on this topic for a while now, but I needed to make sure I had my own success story to share with you. Using the following four steps, I was able to create five new amazing and ideal clients and make more than 25K in just five days! It works if you work it!

Four Key steps:

 Step 1: Get clear on what you have to offer and the impact you want to have on your client’s life. You have to want this impact more than anything! You have to have a burning desire for this.

  • Dig deep within yourself.
  • Celebrate their success as your own.
  • Meditate for your clients.
  • Connect with them: What do they desire? Desire their desires more strongly.
  • DESIRE clients. Desire to be the change in people’s lives. Make it a burning desire. Get clear on this — this is what will pull you there.

Step 2: Be the leader. Your clients can feel your vibration, so make sure to work on YOU first. Be the client you want to attract and bring into your life. Be decisive and invest largely in your life. You want that high-end paying client, so be the high-end paying client. Be the leader in your life.

Step 3: Create space for your ideal clients, energetically and in your own space. You desire clients, but can you really handle more clients in your business? Also, audition the client, don’t interview the client. Get into your power again. Know that there is more than enough clients in the world for you — why should I take you as a client vs. I need you as a client.

Step 4: Give your current clients YOUR ALL. If you do not have any yet, give yourself and the people around you your all. Have you heard of that saying, “Do more than you are paid for”? It should be applied here as well. Do more for the people you already currently have in your life and see the power in that. Give your current clients your all before the new ones come. If you want to be PAID more, you have to GIVE more.

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