Let’s talk about “I am Surviving”

This is an interesting block that I have noticed. This block gets activated when we are in a Survival Mode. We believe that we are just scrapping by and surviving. What happens with this block is that it manifests survival situations, which translates to our money.

We survive with money and what happens is that we see and view money as our survival. This energy is very heavy and can do more harm than good. The word Survive in the Dictionary is defined as: ‘’to remain or continue in existence or use’’. Another definition I found was: ‘’to get along or remain healthy, happy, and unaffected in spite of some occurrence. ‘’

Just feel these definitions. Aren’t they quite negative? If you are in ‘Survival’ mode you are telling the universe that some awful occurrence has happened. And this mode of survival is actually linked to some devastating financial occurrence.

And if this is a block for you I want you to think about any occurrence that has happened or occurred in your life that really moved you! Or better said BLOCKED you. It can be you lost money that you didn’t expect to, or someone stole something from you, or something like that. These all trigger the ‘’survival’ state of money.

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